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First of all I’d like to greet all of you a belated Merry Christmas! I couldn’t get myself to blog or go online yesterday because I wanted a break, hehe! I’ve been eating and eating this December because of all the Christmas parties and gatherings, not to mention all the food gifts we’ve been getting. Before I knew it, I was already feeling heavy and bloated. Controlled as I am, my body could no longer keep up with all that I was taking in. Thus when I was asked to try Detox in a Bottle, I scheduled it for December 20 — right smack in the middle of the holidays! I just wanted to detoxify so badly that I couldn’t wait until January to do it.

Detox in a BottleDetox in a Bottle is a cleansing program by US-certified nutritionist and weight loss specialist Nadine Tengco. Nadine is best known for her work as resident nutritionist in the TV show The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition.

Detox in a BottleDetox in a Bottle comes in two formulas: Weight Loss and Cleanse. As you can see, I got the Weight Loss formula. Your daily cleansing kit includes 6 bottles of juice, 1 cleansing soup, and 1 digestive enzyme tablet. Organic herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables are used for the juices and soups (ex: lemongrass, ginger, cilantro, parsley, wheatgrass, banana, papaya, cloves, turmeric, bell pepper, etc.). The cleansing formula is ideal for resetting the digestive system after unhealthy eating or drinking. The weight loss formula is especially developed for jumpstarting a weight loss program or breaking weight loss resistance. It contains twice the anti-inflammatory and detoxifying ingredients. I’ve sort of hit a plateau with my weight loss efforts so this is perfect for me.

Detox in a BottleThe cleansing kit is delivered the day before you start your cleanse. The schedule goes like this:

  • 8am – Bottle 1 “Energy Blast” Smoothie / 8oz distilled water / (optional) herbal tea or organic coffee
  • 10am – Bottle 2 “Chili Lemonade” + Ground Flax or C-lium
  • 12nn – Non-Dairy Soup / chewable papaya enzyme tablet / 8oz distilled water
  • 2pm – Bottle 3 “Kidney Cleanse” / 8oz distilled water
  • 4pm – Bottle 4 “Liver Detox” / (optional) herbal tea
  • 6pm – Bottle 5 “Gingerade” / 8oz distilled water
  • 8pm – Bottle 6 “Salad in a Bottle” / 8oz distilled water or herbal tea

Detox in a BottleSo at 8am last December 20, I had my first bottle… the “Energy Blast” smoothie. It was breakfast, haha! It tasted like bananas. It was surprisingly yummy! I felt perfectly satisfied after drinking it.

Detox in a BottleAs full as I felt after that first bottle, true enough I was already feeling a bit hungry 2 hours later. This is where Bottle 2 “Chili Lemonade” comes in. Before drinking, you are supposed to empty the attached C-lium packet into the bottle and shake it well. It tastes exactly like what the name suggests — spicy lemonade. I liked it though. So far so good.

Detox in a BottleCome lunch time, I brought out the packed non-dairy soup that came with the kit and heated it.

Detox in a BottleIt has the thick, creamy consistency and orange-ish color of pumpkin soup. It felt good sipping the warm, hearty soup. My hunger pangs were kept at bay after a bowl. Then I took the papaya enzyme tablet. I neglected to read that it was chewable so I swallowed it whole with water, waaah! Don’t make the same mistake. XD

The soups vary by day:

  • Day 1: Non-dairy Cream of Pumpkin Soup
  • Day 2: Roasted Bell Pepper Soup
  • Day 3: Non-dairy Cream of Carrot Soup

What happened during the cleanse:

  • I urinated frequently, at least 2-3x every hour or even more.
  • Even if I wasn’t really eating anything for 3 days I had regular bowel movement and I felt like I was really emptying everything that was stuck in my digestive system.
  • I would feel really hungry in the afternoon. I actually fantasized about food. The temptation to eat was sooooo great because I had all these Christmas goodies at home — Gigi’s Custaroons, J.Co Donuts, cupcakes… my scheduling was pure torture. I was told I can take a few saltine crackers, preservative-free rice crackers, or seaweed snacks if I couldn’t bear it anymore.
  • I caved a couple of times due to hunger and had a few pieces of fresh kiwi. O_o
  • I was able to work in the office while cleansing, I brought my bottles in an insulated container with ice packs. I think the fact that I was active and on-the-go while cleansing caused me to experience a greater level of hunger.

I weighed myself first thing in the morning the day before I started the cleanse and weighed myself again exactly 24 hours after. Amazingly, I lost 3 lbs just after the first day. I think the holidays caused me to bloat quite badly. I lost a total of about 5+ lbs after 3 days of Detox in a Bottle.

I noticed that after Detox in a Bottle, food that I would eat had a stronger and more defined taste. I think it’s an effect of cleansing the palate. The juices all taste good too, I didn’t need to chase them down with cold water and I could actually drink them slowly and leisurely… even the hardcore green stuff. During my first juice cleanse (another brand) I chugged the green things down like there was no tomorrow because I couldn’t bear to drink them slowly. XD

Detox in a Bottle costs P2,500 a day for the Weight Loss formula and P2,000 a day for the Cleanse formula. You do it for a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 5 days. For orders and inquiries, please contact Nikki Angangco at 966-3393 or 0917-5556479.

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    Hi I want to avail this meal plan for detox and weight loss. How does it work
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