Dakasi days… and nights, lol!

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that this hellishly hot weather is enough to drive anyone to find someplace to cool off. With our office air-conditioning not exactly coping, hubby and I find ourselves taking off midday to Dakasi’s cold (literally) little store in Cubao. Yep, they have excellent air-conditioning, lots of nice tables and chairs, and there’s virtually no queue! If you’ve been following @animetric on Instagram and/or Twitter, you’d notice how often I post about having drinks at Dakasi, hehe!

Dakasi Milk Tea Philippines

I think that of all the milk tea places, it’s Dakasi’s menu which I’ve tried the most items. It’s actually because during their launch event in Makati, they gave away GCs which had specific drinks written on them. I think this is an ingenious move because people tend to stick to their favorites and usually order the same things. This encouraged us to try beverages we otherwise would not have risked ordering. At an average price of P100 a pop, it’s perfectly understandable why most folks would prefer to stick to their tried and tested variant. Because of those drink-specific GCs, my daughter and I discovered a common favorite — Strawberry Au Lait (pictured above left). It’s a milky yogurt drink with real strawberry bits at the bottom. It’s soooo good! Hubby tried out Oreo Milk Tea (pictured above right), which is actually the classic milk tea (brewed, milk added) with crushed Oreo cookies.

Dakasi Milk Tea Philippines

One night we found ourselves at Dakasi’s Banawe branch and we tried two different drinks — Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea (pictured above left) and Matcha Brown Rice Milk Tea (pictured above right). By now, I’m noticing that Dakasi’s drinks are far more milk-rich compared to its competitors. Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea is more milk than tea and it’s actually good for me because well, I’ve always been a milk drinker. However, Matcha Brown Rice Milk Tea is what made it into my favorites list since it has the mild bitterness of green tea and the toasty flavor of roasted brown rice (crunchy grains of it on top too) that I love.

Dakasi Milk Tea Philippines

Another trip, another two variants! Hubby ordered Honeydew Milk Tea with Pearl (Pearls are just P10 to add on) while I settled for Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea. Hubby commented that the Honeydew Milk Tea tastes like melon candy. It’s a bit too sweet for my tastes. Just to give you an idea, it’s sweeter than Melona ice cream at 25% sugar level.

Dakasi Milk Tea Philippines

Okay, hubby and I are actually worried we’re getting fat, lol! But we tried Okinawa Milk Tea and Peach Yakult. Okinawa Milk Tea has a rich deep caramelized brown sugar taste that makes it a rich and flavorful drink. Surprisingly, our son really liked Peach Yakult. He has never been known to be fond of peach flavor  but he finished the large sized Peach Yakult drink.

Dakasi Milk Tea Philippines

Earlier this afternoon, hubby and I stopped by Dakasi again to have another drink. In the interest of maintaining our waistlines, we decided to share a large Jasmine Milk Tea with Pearl. Frankly speaking I have never liked Jasmine tea. I find that it tastes like plant life and flowers. Hubby always orders it from other places and it’s always too bitter and generally unpleasant. I was surprised by Dakasi’s Jasmine Milk Tea. Like all their other concoctions, it’s very milky and creamy in terms of taste. I actually found it quite enjoyable to drink. Dakasi definitely has the best Jasmine Milk Tea!
So there you have it… eight different drinks in five different days (and nights). Hubby and I have agreed to share one large glass every time from this moment on because we don’t want to go back to our former fat selves (we used to each have milk tea 2-3x a week). Actually it was more of he just gained a little weight while I became a whale, lol! I don’t believe in depriving myself so this is the way to go. 😀
For now my favorite Dakasi drinks are Matcha Brown Rice Milk Tea and Strawberry Au Lait!

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