Creamsilk Leave On Cream Review

Do you have a beauty emergency kit? I admit, I only bring one when I’m travelling abroad or out of town. That said, I was thrilled when CreamSilk sent me one which contains everything I might possibly need just in case.

Creamsilk Leave On CreamEverything fits inside this slim black pouch that’s so easy to bring along. It’s personalized too, my name is actually on the other side, lol. So what does it contain?

  • Breath Mints – You always want your breath to smell fresh, yes?
  • Sewing Kit – Pop a button? Rip a seam? No worries!
  • Vaseline Lip Therapy – No more dry lips!
  • Lip and Cheek Tint – This 2-in-1 product can instantly add a healthy dose of color so you’re ready to face the day.
  • Meds – Headaches? Allergies? Tummy troubles? These will save the day!
  • Double-sided Tape – Nip and tuck minor clothing problems with these!

Creamsilk Leave On CreamCreamSilk Standout Straight Leave On Cream (P49)

Then there’s CreamSilk Leave On Cream. It’s a leave-on conditioner and hair polish in one. It gives you instantly smooth and shiny hair anytime, anywhere.

Creamsilk Leave On CreamThe scent, color, and texture are similar to the CreamSilk Conditioner you use in the shower and rinse off.

Creamsilk Leave On CreamYou can use it on wet hair or dry hair. It makes wet hair a lot easier to comb through — it’s really great for detangling.

Creamsilk Leave On CreamOn dry hair, the effect is like this. It makes dry and frizzy hair instantly smoother and shinier.

What I like about Creamsilk Leave On Cream:

  • It’s super affordable at P49 for 40ml.
  • Its size makes it easy to tote around in your bag.
  • It works on both wet and dry hair — wet hair becomes easy to comb through while it smoothens and tames frizz when used on dry hair.
  • It has a light, fresh scent.
  • It’s not sticky or messy. It practically disappears from your hands when you massage it into your hair.

Downside? None really. You can use Creamsilk Leave On Cream anytime, anywhere and it’s available at all leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.

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