City Delivery now brings The Generics Pharmacy to your doorstep!

These days, the roads are almost always congested with really bad traffic. It’s actually one of the main reasons why I turn to internet shopping and food delivery services. It’s such a waste of time (and gas) having to spend time inside the car on a standstill.

The Generics Pharmacy by City Delivery

What do you know, now you can have medication delivered too! City Delivery, known for delivering food, now delivers medicine from The Generics Pharmacy. This is good news to me especially now that the -ber months are here. With Christmas coming up, the traffic situation will only get worse.

The Generics Pharmacy by City Delivery
The Generics Pharmacy has all the health essentials like vitamin C.
The Generics Pharmacy by City Delivery
They have cough, cold, and fever medication.

The Generics Pharmacy by City Delivery

There’s even vaporub! If there’s a generic name for it, you can find it at The Generics Pharmacy. Delivery is right on as my package arrived during the time I specified.

Ordering is easy! For over-the-counter medication, you may place your order via City Delivery’s call center 87878, text line 09176387878 or log on to

For medicines that need prescription, just follow these steps:

  1. Order via the hotline, text line, or website.
  2. Email or fax a copy of the prescription. You may ask for the fax number from the customer service representative.
  3. Your order will be processed and all you have to do is wait for delivery.

For the time being, this service is only available in Metro Manila. Minimum order amount is P1,000 + 10% standard delivery charge. Customers may order below the minimum with an additional fee of P100.

The Generics Pharmacy by City Delivery
So yeah, next time you need meds, you can just dial 87878! 😀

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