Chuck’s Deli at Eastwood Mall

The Club was invited to sample Chuck’s Deli’s new offerings a few weeks ago at their Eastwood Mall branch. Hubby and I usually go to their outlet at Serendra and so it was our first time there.

Chuck's Deli at Eastwood Mall

The Eastwood Mall branch is a lot bigger, brighter, and more spacious compared to the one in Serendra. They place is reminiscent of an American diner somehow.

Honey Lemonade at Chuck's Deli

I ordered a glass of Honey Lemonade (P95, pictured above) to wash the food I was about to have down. It’s made of real fresh lemons so it’s very good.

Potato Chips at Chuck's Deli

We had some of Chuck Deli’s homemade Potato Chips (P75, pictured above) to munch on while waiting for the main attractions. It’s served with garlic sauce on the side and we all love it! They’re perfect because they’re the right thickness and crispness plus they’re only slightly salted so it’s up to you how flavorful you want them to be since you can add salt or dip in sauce.

Sausage Flatbread at Chuck's Deli

We were there mainly to try out Chuck’s Deli’s newest offering: Flatbread Pizzas! First one out of the kitchen was the Sausage variant (P265, pictured above). Freshly baked flatbread is topped with English and Italian sausage tidbits, onions, swiss cheese, and shredded basil. The cream sauce is made of crème fraîche (French for fresh cream) so it’s very rich. I love the combination of savory-spicy (sausages) and slightly sweet (cream sauce). Yum! All the flatbread variants use the same crème fraîche-based sauce.

Chili Fries at Chuck's Deli

We ordered Chili Fries (P195, pictured above) on the side. It’s made of real double fried potatoes and topped with no-bean chili, diced jalapeños, and grated cheddar cheese. It’s soooo good!

Mushroom & Swiss Flatbread at Chuck's Deli

Next flatbread out was Mushroom & Swiss (P265, pictured above). It’s topped with fresh button mushrooms (not the canned kind), swiss cheese, onions, and arugula. Perfect for vegetarians, but I find that the mild taste of the mushroooms provide no contrast to the cream sauce so it gets kind of saturating.

Parma Ham Flatbread at Chuck's Deli

The priciest flatbread variant is Parma Ham (P285, pictured above). As the name suggests it’s topped with Parma ham, onions, arugula, and lemon oil. Since the Parma Ham is on the salty side, it goes very well with the cream sauce too.

Flatbread at Chuck's Deli

We were all getting full at this point so we told them to just combine the remaining two variants into one flatbread. On the left side is Shrimps and Anchovies (P265 for a whole order, pictured above). Aside from shrimps and anchovies it’s also topped with onion, arugula, and garlic oil so it’s very tasty. On the right side is Bacon (P245 for a whole order, pictured above). If Parma Ham is the priciest, Bacon is the costs the least. It’s has onions and nutmeg too.

I think it’d be a good idea to have some red-sauced based flatbread pizzas because not everyone likes cream sauce. I recommend ordering 1-2 variants to share at any given time because the cream sauce can overwhelm your tastebuds after a couple of slices.

Chucked Pomodoro at Chuck's Deli

Thus for contrast we ordered Chucked Pomodoro (P295, pictured above). Spaghetti noodles cooked perfectly al dente with fresh tomato sauce and grated parmesan cheese. Despite it’s seeming simplicity it’s really delicious. It’s served with garlic bread on the side.

Angus Sliders at Chuck's Deli

Last but not least were Angus Sliders (P295, pictured above). Tender and flavorful Angus beef patties, lettuce, tomato, Chuck’s sauce, and mayo mustard make this an exceptionally yummy burger. The small sizes are perfect for those who are watching their weight like I am, since you can share it with your companions easily.
I love eating at Chuck’s Deli. Everything is lovingly homemade — the potato chips, fries, breads, sauces, etc. using the best ingredients so it’s well worth the price. Their sandwiches are the best in the metro, you can check them out HERE. I usually get confused about which one to order because everything is delicious.

Chuck’s Deli
G/F Eastwood Mall
Libis, Quezon City
900-0503 / 451-1163

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