Chef Josh Boutwood for Elle & Vire Philippines

World-renowned French cheese and dairy company Savencia Fromage & Dairy, through its brand Elle & Vire, embarks on a delectable mission that defies the old saying “Too many cooks spoil the broth,”. Elle & Vire has always been one of my favorite dairy brands. Everything they make from butter to cream to yogurt is so good! I’ve always equated the brand with the creamiest and the freshest most premium dairy products. Anyhow, Elle & Vire recently gathered 17 chefs from all over the world to participate in the prestigious Elle & Vire Professionel Chef Ambassador Program. Among them is Philippine chef Josh Boutwood.

Chef Josh BoutwoodChef Josh Boutwood joined the Bistro Group in 2012 where he became the Corporate Chef. In 2017, he opened a small, tasting menu restaurant called The Test Kitchen. The following year, he opened two new concepts: Savage, a pre-industrial dining restaurant and a new tasting menu room called Helm. In November 2019, the Test Kitchen relocated to Rockwell, Makati and he is currently developing 2 new concepts to open in 2022. I have actually sampled a few of his dishes in an event I attended in Greenbelt before and his cooking is absolutely delicious! I’m not really surprised to see him in Elle & Vire’s roster of chefs.

Chef Josh BoutwoodThe selected Chef Ambassadors are expected to further intensify Elle & Vire Professionnel’s image and bring it closer to the market by conducting pastry and culinary demonstrations either physically or digitally and connect with the public through their own social media platform. They are also required to undergo seminars and trainings in Elle & Vire’s headquarters in Normandy, France and immerse themselves in the brand’s standards and shared values – Taste, Origin, Nature, and Excellence. Chef Josh has yet to set foot in Normandy due to the pandemic and instead had his virtual training with Michelin-starred Chef Sébastien Faré together with Elle & Vire Professionnel Pastry Chef Jonathan Ledger.

Chef Josh BoutwoodThe groundbreaking Chef Ambassador Program is the brand’s way to share its rich heritage to its global consumers. While remaining true to its roots and values. The brand, through the program, aims to be a more familiar name and be part of a global culinary and pastry experience.

Here in the Philippines, Savencia Fromage and Dairy’s seal of excellence can be sampled through the Elle & Vire Professionnel butter, creams, mascarpone, French cream cheese, and original American cream cheese. While the Elle & Vire Professionnel roster of products cater to the industrial segment such as restaurants, hotels, and other food businesses, the Elle & Vire brand carries cheese and dairy products available in supermarkets nationwide.

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