Ceelin Plus for immunity and growth!

Prior to this event, it has been our pediatrician’s practice to give Zinc or Zinc-enhanced vitamins whenever the kids get sick. She said that Zinc shortens the duration of whatever it is that’s afflicting them, therefore resulting to faster recovery. Whenever this happens, I would opt for Ceelin Plus since it’s Vitamin C and Zinc in one. That way, the kids don’t have to take too many different types of meds. They already take Ceelin to boost their immunity during regular days, so it made sense for me to buy Ceelin Plus whenever they’d get sick.

Ceelin Plus Kontra Sakit Kontra Liit

Sometime late last November, I was invited by Unilab to the Ceelin Plus event entitled “Stand Up for Immunity”. In a nutshell, it’s all about the immunity boosting benefits of Vitamin C and the anti-growth stunting properties of Zinc. Apparently, combining these two together helps fight the recurrence of sickness, thereby leading to normalized growth hence the “Kontra Sakit, Kontra Liit” slogan.

Ceelin Plus Kontra Sakit Kontra Liit

The event culminated in a kiddie fashion show with little boys and little girls sporting red and blue shirts with different slogans.

Ceelin Plus Kontra Sakit Kontra Liit
The girls were much more fun to photograph, hehe.

Ceelin Plus Kontra Sakit Kontra Liit
So all my fashion show photos were of the girls.
Ceelin Plus Kontra Sakit Kontra Liit

Yup, my kids actually take Ceelin Plus whenever they’re sick. Regular Ceelin for regular days, Ceelin Plus for sick days. I don’t really remember how much a bottle costs since it’s been a while since I bought one, but they are available at all leading drugstores nationwide.
When I was a child, I took Ceelin too!

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