Bye bye dark circles with Bobbi Brown!

During my recent trip to Hong Kong, I hauled in a whole lot of beauty loot. Much more than food, I find beauty products harder to resist.

Bobbi Brown Bye Bye Dark CirclesI was going down the escalator of the Causeway Bay MTR station when I saw Bobbi Brown posters which said “Bye Bye Dark Circles!”. I immediately said “I NEED that!!!”. Take note it’s a NEED and not a WANT. Bwahahaha! XD

I made a beeline for Sogo Department Store’s cosmetics section right away and told the lady I wanted the Bye Bye Dark Circles set. The salesperson told me there are three products that you need to get rid of dark circles. It’s not really a set per se. I would need an eye cream (which doubles as a primer), corrector, and concealer.

Bobbi Brown Corrector in PeachI said no to the primer since I already have all sorts of eye creams at home. I just got the Corrector in Peach (US$22, pictured above). The salesperson recommended the shade for me.

Animetric's dark dark underye circlesAs you can see, I have really hardcore dark undereye circles. I sleep past midnight almost every night and wake up at 6am when my kids have school. The salesperson told me to apply the Corrector on the darkest areas under my eyes.
Bobbi Brown Corrector Review
Bobbi Brown Corrector ReviewI used my Charm Luxe concealer brush to apply the Corrector under my eyes. I brushed it on the darkest line and blended.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit ReviewAfter the Corrector, you’re supposed to apply concealer next. I also bought Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit in Beige with Pale Yellow Powder (US$32, pictured above). The left palette contains creamy concealer, while the right one contains pale yellow powder for setting.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer ReviewI used the brush again to apply cream concealer and blended with my fingers. I also used the accompanying powder to set it. Notice how much lighter my dark dark undereye circle has become.

Bobbi Brown Bye Bye Dark CirclesThis is after I put on some mineral foundation and a bit of eye make-up. Almost no more dark circle! 😀

The finished lookI think I need to refine my application technique some more. This is the first time I’ve used the set. Not to worry, I’ll be taking a short make-up course this May at MAICA. 😀

Update: Bobbi Brown Philippines will be launching this line May 2011.

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