Bloggers get to have free food for attending?!

I’ve always been upfront with regards to what I think, but I’ve been around long enough to develop a certain level of restraint and tolerance with things pertaining to blogging.

I’m usually indifferent when it comes to event invitations and what not. For example, I’m no longer bothered by *when* an invitation is sent (I used to feel slighted when I’m invited hours before the event). These days, I just shrug off the timing. If I like whatever it is and I’m free, okay. If not then I would either not respond or politely decline. Honestly speaking, I’m not even bothered if you address me as Dear Blogger (I know a lot of my blogger friends hate this). I mean, of course it would better if you actually knew my name but if you were e-mailing a hundred bloggers and could not be bothered to personalize 100 e-mails then fine. Okay lang.

Free Food

I’m so um… dedmatic these days that if a faux pas actually succeeds in getting my attention (and meriting a post!) well then, good job! So anyway, something caught my eye yesterday. It was an e-mail “enlisting” *my* help in promoting some establishments’ activities and promotions. Okay. I get a lot of those from brands, establishments, advocacies, etc. Anyhow it started with Hello Blogger Friends (again, okay lang sa akin yan) and then ended with “Side note: Bloggers get to have free food for attending!”.

Was that last sentence off or am I being overly sensitive? I’m not really a food blogger. Lalo naman I’m not a food critic. I just like eating and taking pics of food. Then I share my opinion. I don’t claim to be an authority nor do I claim to be the final word on food. I just like sharing discoveries, like when I came across some really neat and cheap eat-all-you-can Korean BBQ places. In fact most of my “box office” restaurant posts are about establishments hubby and I visited because wala lang — we just wanted to eat somewhere nice and cheap or try someplace we haven’t been to. If you notice most of my food posts are about good value for money because that’s really how we are.

So anyway, back to the topic.

It’s sad that some entities see bloggers as people with nothing better to do than spend every waking moment on the computer waiting for the next free meal. I’m a blogger and I have a life you know. I have work, family, and a whole lot of responsibilities. I have income because I work, I can pay for meals, hello. I’m not angry at the above-mentioned invitation, I’m more of sad to be perceived as such. I know that there are unsavory people who put bloggers in a bad light. But there are bad apples in every industry, not just blogging. Plus not all bloggers are the same. If you’ve encountered freeloaders (as in they openly ask you for free meals, products, services, etc.) and gatecrashers it’s still not reason enough to generalize the entire blogging populace.

When it comes to bloggers, if you are on the brand/establishment side I suggest that you choose who you deal with wisely. I can’t say it enough but take time to actually read the blogs and get to know the people you’re addressing before firing off your next e-mail. Some may argue that they don’t have time to. But as an entrepreneur, marketing person, or PR, isn’t it part of the job to ensure that the brand/establishment is being promoted/represented by the right kind of people?

I truly feel sorry for the establishment the person who e-mailed me represents. Correspondences used to be handled by the owner and she was a very pleasant person to deal with. I know she never would have worded an invitation that way.

Anyhow that’s pretty much it.

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