Bad Bird at Hole in the Wall

Almost everybody who knows me knows I don’t like chicken, but how could I not try Bad Bird, the stall with the longest queue at Hole in the Wall in Century City Mall?

Bad Bird Hole in the WallHole in the Wall is like a high end food court with several food stalls specializing in various cuisines. Bad Bird offers Umami Fried Chicken. I’m just quoting from memory but Umami is supposed to be the 5th taste, right? You know, that unexplainable burst of flavor when you put some MSG like Ajinomoto on your tongue? That’s supposed to be Umami. Now I don’t think Bad Bird rolls their chicken in Ajinomoto but I was expecting a burst of flavor.

Bad Bird Hole in the WallWe lined up to order just like everybody else.

Bad Bird Hole in the WallWe had the Dirty Rice Plate (P320). You get 2 big pieces of super crunchy and flavorful fried chicken, a small bowl of kimchi on the side, and a serving of Dirty Rice. Dirty Rice is steamed or fried rice with bacon, chicken liver, kimchi, tamago (egg), and bonito flakes. I always describe it as takoyaki-style rice because it kinda tastes like takoyaki. Yes, I liked Dirty Rice — my son did too. He initially did not want to order because he read there’s chicken liver but I promise you won’t even taste the chicken liver.

Okay so how did I find the chicken? The first time I had it I thought it was mind-blowingly delicious. It’s thoroughly cooked and super crunchy, which is exactly how I like my chicken. It’s tasty and kind of peppery and um… herb-y? I must admit though it wasn’t quite as incredible when we went back the second time around. Still good, but not great. You get to choose how spicy your chicken is and there are 3 levels: Safe, Spicy, and Chemical. We always go for Safe.

Bad Bird Hole in the WallMy daughter prefers her chicken boneless and bite-sized so she had Bad Bird Chicken Nuggets (P160). You get to choose a sauce to go with it: Black Pepper, Honey Mustard, and Umami Gravy. She picked Umami Gravy and she liked it. I tried a piece and I found it bland compared to the fried chicken.

Bad Bird Hole in the WallMy sister-in-law ordered a Waffle Plate (P290). The 2 piece chicken is accompanied by sweet potato waffles, miso butter, and maple syrup. I got to try the waffle with butter and syrup and it’s crazy good! The sweetness goes well with the savory chicken.

Bad Bird Hole in the WallA popular item at Bad Bird is their Corn on a Stick (P70 for 2 sticks). You can actually order a Corn & Coleslaw Plate (P330) so that your 2-pc chicken comes with these and a serving of coleslaw. The corn is covered in Japanese mayo (specifically Kewpie brand), some cheese, and bonito flakes. Yummy but kinda hard to bite into… if they have a version that’s all kernels I would go for it.

Bad Bird Hole in the WallEverybody ordered from Bad Bird that day! We were so full afterwards, we didn’t have room for dessert. Admittedly the chicken is expensive at P110 per piece (yes you can order per piece). I like that it’s super crunchy and tasty. It would cost about P350 per head for a full meal at Bad Bird which is quite normal for a restaurant. Bonus points for Hole in the Wall’s cozy and immaculately clean interiors.

Would I go back? Yes, if only to try the Spicy version of the chicken and the Hush Puppies.

Bad Bird @ Hole in the Wall
4/F Century City Mall
Kalayaan Ave., Makati City

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