Ayala Malls 360 brings everything to your fingertips!

I love Ayala Malls. They’re always bright, spacious, and well-maintained. There’s a lot of natural light and greenery. They also have the best restaurants and movie theaters.

Ayala Malls 360Anyhow, last Feb. 28, I took part in an intimate gathering at Kai Restaurant in Greenbelt 5 (yay Greenbelt is my fave!) with the folks over at Ayala Malls and online personalities like Chuvaness, Divine Lee (and V), along with a host of others. Okay, no one was taking pics of each other so… yeah, I just took a photo of my own place setting at the table lest I freak everyone out with my snapping. XD

Ayala Malls 360We were there for a closer look at Ayala Malls 360, the latest innovation in well… malling. Ayala Malls 360 is an all-encompassing digital program which brings everything to your fingertips. You’re kept up-to-date with the latest promos, events, and news from your favorite Ayala malls.

I quite was surprised when I logged on to http://www.ayalamalls.com.ph. It looks a lot different from the last time I accessed the site which was around a year or two ago. At the time, I had a big problem with one of the fast food places in Greenbelt which I felt I needed to report to the management of Ayala Malls. I looked and looked but could not find a way to contact them. In the end, I emailed the A-Card concierge since it was the only address I could find. Lo and behold after a few weeks I got a response and my concern was actually acted upon by the Ayala Malls management! The establishment underwent a much needed renovation. Color me impressed.

Ayala Malls 360Anyway, at the present website, all you have to do is click “Contact Us” and you’ll get access to a customer feedback form. You’re even given the option to pick your preferred contact method, whether it’s by email or mobile phone. If ever you have any concerns, do use this form. They actually take time out to listen and respond to what you have to say.
Ayala Malls 360For added convenience, Ayala Malls 360 is downloadable from the App Store. You can install it in your iPad, iPhone, or iPod. Just click on your mall of choice to proceed.

Ayala Malls 360I clicked on “Greenbelt” then I clicked on “Food”. An alphabetically arranged list of all the food purveyors appeared. Finding a place to eat has never been easier.

Ayala Malls 360You can easily find where your chosen establishment is located via the map that’s readily accessible. You can pretty much locate everything with this app — restrooms, parking areas, stores, movie theaters… even promos and events that are happening.

Ayala Malls 360Movie schedules? Yup, also available. You can even buy tickets online with a tap of a button. Now if only the Android version would come out already! We were told that most likely it’ll be rolled out by summer. I’m an Android user so that’s good news to me. 😀

By the way, Ayala Malls will also be coming out with their own deal site soon. It will focus on their tenants. I’m quite excited because I’m addicted to deals!

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