Affordable and functional LOCAUPIN Airtight Containers

I love LOCAUPIN. They have all sorts of affordable and functional houseware! I’ve bought so many things from them since the pandemic started. We’ve decided not to employ helpers anymore and so we’ve been investing on household items that make our life easier. This June 22, catch the best LOCAUPIN deals for discounts of up to 67% off at the Locaupin Super Brand Day Sale.
Locaupin Airtight ContainersI’m adding LOCAUPIN Airtight Container Easy Open Lock Lid to cart since they’re currently so cheap — regular price: ₱313, SBD price: ₱104! With its easy open and lock system and airtight stackable design, these transparent plastic jars allow you to see what is inside and easily monitor whether your food (or other items) has run out. They are also easy to clean. A quick scrub and rinse it all it takes, then just put them somewhere warm to dry!

The LOCAUPIN Airtight Container has a special sealing mechanism, you can safely open or close them by using only two fingers. Simply rotate 45° to open and lock. They also come with a suction lock in the which ensures the containers are airtight. You can protect your food from pests, as well as moisture and air oxidization. You can also make the most of your available space due to its stackable design. These containers are ideal for storing your dry foods such as flour, sugar, rice, nuts, beans, cereal, snacks, pet food, and so on, but it also can help you with liquids such as water, juice.

Check them out at the LOCAUPIN official store on Shopee! Can’t wait for my orders to get here. 😀

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