Absynthe Hair Goddess Review

I spent pretty much most of the past few weeks test driving Absynthe Hair Goddess Shampoo and Conditioner. I was supposed to post this review and hold this giveaway last month but I got sick and I took about a week-long self-imposed leave from blogging. I was just posting stuff that I had already prepared prior.

absynthe_hair_goddessI got a set of Absynthe Bath and Beauty products for review a few months back. I chose to start with the shampoo and conditioner because I use both products daily. I have thick hair so I go through them pretty fast.

Absynthe Hair GoddessLet’s start with the shampoo.

Absynthe Hair GoddessAbsynthe Bath and Beauty products are free from harmful chemicals and so I wasn’t surprised when the shampoo came out clear and transparent. It contains no colorants, parabens, phtalates, silicone, SLS, SLES, and sulfates. Although it’s made up mostly of oils like argan oil, emu oil, and avocado oil, it smells kind of like almond essence. It’s also surprisingly not oily or greasy in terms of consistency but since it’s free from SLS and SLES it’s also not as sudsy as the shampoos you’re probably used to. The amount of suds have never been indicative of a shampoo’s cleansing power and so it shouldn’t be an issue.

What I like about Absynthe Hair Goddess Shampoo:

  • I love its light and pleasant scent.
  • It doesn’t weigh hair down. In fact, my hair feels very light after using this.
  • It doesn’t contain the usual cocktail of chemicals found in most shampoos.

The downside? It’s pretty pricey at P479 for a 200ml bottle and it’s not sold in commercial outlets, you would have to buy online at http://www.absynthe.com.ph.

Absynthe Hair GoddessNext we have the Absynthe Hair Goddess Conditioner.

Absynthe Hair GoddessLike the shampoo, it contains no colorants, parabens, phtalates, silicone, SLS, SLES, and sulfates. It’s white and it’s creamy in consistency. I noticed that it’s not as “slippery” as other conditioners when applied to the hair and rinsed off but the detangling capability is about the same. It doesn’t smell the same as the shampoo too — in fact, it’s close to not having an identifiable scent.

What I like about Absynthe Hair Goddess Conditioner:

  • Like the shampoo, it doesn’t weigh the hair down so hair feels light after use.
  • It has no harmful chemicals. I mean, my hair is abused enough with all the coloring I do. I’ve only recently just stopped rebonding (one year rebonding-free, lol!) so I still have damaged hair.

The downside is the same as the shampoo since it costs the same (P479 for 200ml). It’s pricier compared to other conditioners and it can only be bought online or through dealers/distributors.

Absynthe Hair GoddessSorry for re-using this no make-up pic, it’s my latest 2014 photo so far, lol, so this is indicative of my hair’s current condition. I don’t have nice hair but at least it’s now manageable even without rebonding and I’ve learned to live with the waves (I think).

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