A #ConnectedHome with PLDT Home Fibr

In this day and age of technology, pretty much most homes would have any, a few, or even all of the following internet-enabled devices: a computer/laptop, cellphone, tablet, video game console… even digital cameras, printers, and TVs nowadays can make use of an internet connection. It’s all about being connected, which I feel is something we need. The internet is an information superhighway that we get on almost everyday — be it to find out what the weather will be like, to determine what our driving route will be, to see the current selection of movies playing in theaters, to help finish research-based homework our kids take home, or to stay in touch with loved ones abroad.

Connected Home with PLDT Home Fibr

It’s no secret that one of the happiest days of my life was when we finally cut off our ridiculously slow and intermittent DSL connection with another company and switched to PLDT. We immediately felt the HUGE difference the moment we got connected. No more slow downloads, stuttering video streams, and difficulties surfing. We’ve been subscribed to PLDT for over a year now and we’re still very happy with the service.

Connected Home with PLDT Home Fibr

PLDT has recently made it even easier to have a #ConnectedHome with PLDT Home Fibr. With speeds ranging from 8 to 100Mbps, anything and everything is possible. You can even turn an ordinary TV into an Internet TV — streaming blockbuster movies via Clickplay and TV episodes via My Pinoy TV, all the while enjoying 87 Cignal Digital TV channels through your Fibr connection. You can even avail of a FREE Telpad unit if you subscribe to Plan 5800 and up.

MMDA Traffic App
So why exactly do we want a #ConnectedHome with PLDT Home Fibr? For starters, both my hubby and I drive everyday and we never leave the house without checking the Metro Manila Traffic Navigator so that we can avoid the more congested routes. It’s such a waste of time and gas having to sit idly in the car while moving at something like 5-10 kph.

Connected Home with PLDT Home Fibr

Then there’s the subject of entertainment. We love watching movies but it’s not always convenient to go out and drive ourselves to the mall just to see one. With traffic being what it is in Metro Manila, we would much rather spend quality time at home bonding over our favorite movies or TV series which we can stream effortlessly through the internet. Aside from watching movies and shows, our family loves reading. These days we can purchase a multitude of books from all over the world without leaving the room, conveniently downloading them onto our gadget of choice.

Pamana ni Nanay

Then there’s my mom. She’s based in the US. She has been living there for over 20 years. We keep in touch mostly via internet video calls. That way, we can always see each other and she can communicate with her grandchildren in real time! I have a lot of family members in the US — my maternal grandmother, my aunt, my cousins… I remember having to keep in touch with everyone via snail mail and expensive long distance calls eons ago. I’m so glad for all the innovations in communication. I never imagined the day would come that we’d be able to call any country any time and actually be able to see the person we’re talking to. It’s the stuff sci-fi movies were made of when I was a child. We can even send photos to each other in seconds thanks to the internet. I’m just glad that it’s much easier stay close to my loved ones now. A #ConnectedHome can definitely help establish stronger family ties.

Samsung Galaxy SIII

Lest I forget, one of the other reasons why we want a #ConnectedHome is our great love for gaming. The kids and I are very much into gaming, both internet-based and otherwise. We download together and we play together! Internet gaming has opened an entire world of possibilities for us so there’s never a dull moment. Personally, I’ve gotten to know some really great people abroad and made new friends because of games like these.

For more information about PLDT Home Fibr, log on to http://pldthome.com/surf/fibr/about.

*This is a sponsored post for PLDT.

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