110 years of reliability with Eveready!

When I was a little girl, my grandfather had a heavy metal flashlight just like this…

Eveready Metalight LED SpotlightI remember playing with it, pushing the little black button that turns the flashlight on and off depending on how long you press it. It emitted a bright yellowish light. This isn’t that flashlight. This is in fact the new generation Eveready Metalight LED Spotlight. It looks heavy but it’s really not — it’s even lighter than our TV’s remote control.
Eveready Battery PhilippinesYou can distinguish it from generic flashlights with the Eveready logo embossed on the bottom.
Eveready Battery PhilippinesThe Eveready Metalight LED Spotlight emits a bluish white light that’s really bright.
Eveready Battery PhilippinesI turned off all the lights to test just how well it could illuminate a dark room, and it worked really well! It’s really a far cry from the dim yellow-hued flashlights we’ve gotten used to.

Eveready Battery PhilippinesThe Eveready One Light LED flashlight is even smaller and lighter than Eveready Metalight LED Spotlight. It has shatterproof lens too, so it’s handy for outdoor use. Personally I like this best since it uses the Nichia LED bulb from Japan. I’m such a Japan-o-phile… and well, aside from that I find that it has the best illumination.

Eveready Flashlight PhilippinesLike the Eveready Metalight LED Spotlight, it flashes a bright bluish white light.

Eveready Flashlight Philippines

The scope of its light is a bit wider in comparison.

Eveready Flashlight Philippines

This is a generic flashlight we got as a souvenir. It’s not LED.

Eveready Philippines 110 YearsNotice how small the illuminated area is. The light is yellowish. This is the type of flashlight most commonly used since it’s been around for decades.

Here’s a comparison between the three flashlights. I aimed it all on our room’s light switches so you can see the difference more accurately…

Eveready Metalight LED Spotlight

Eveready Metalight LED Spotlight

Eveready One Light LED

Eveready One Light LED

Eveready Battery Philippines

Generic flashlight

See the big difference between the Eveready LED flashlights and the generic flashlight? It’s also important to know that the number of LED lights doesn’t really matter — it’s the quality that counts and not the quantity. A single LED bulb from a reliable brand like Eveready can be brighter than several LED bulbs of a cheap generic flashlight.

So why do I have all these flashlights? I make it a point to equip each room in our house with at least one flashlight in case of a power failure. In a country like ours where you don’t know what’s going to happen next, it’s very important to always be prepared. The most basic thing would be to have a flashlight in hand so you can find your way in case the lights go out. We never know when we’re going to be struck by a typhoon or an earthquake or whatever natural calamity so it’s best to have emergency gear like flashlights on hand.

Eveready Battery PhilippinesAnother thing we can’t be without are rechargeable batteries. My kids have a lot of battery-operated toys and gadgets so relying on single-use batteries is just not practical.

Eveready Battery PhilippinesFor this we use the Eveready Rechargeable Mini Charger. It’s very handy in size so it’s not obtrusive and it’s easy to bring around.

Eveready Battery Philippines

We mostly use it for our Nintendo Wii controllers.

Eveready Battery Philippines

One charge guarantees over 12 hours of play. 😀

Every time batteries are included in my grocery list, I make it a point to buy Eveready because it’s the most affordable brand that is reliable at the same time. There’s no compromise so I don’t see why I should buy a more expensive brand. Eveready has the most complete range in terms of battery sizes to boot. I remember it already being a household name as I was growing up, kind of like what Kodak is to camera and Colgate is to toothpaste — Eveready is to battery.

Happy 110th Anniversary Eveready!

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