Cool summer gadgets from Digits Trading!

Summer is coming and that only means one thing for a lot of people — travel and leisure! Beach trips… outdoor activities… you name it! That said it’s the perfect time to check out these summer gadgets from Digits Trading.

Braven BRV-PROIf you’re going to be chilling outdoors a lot, this Braven BRV-PRO (P6,750) is perfect for you. This wireless and rechargeable bluetooth speaker is waterproof and built to withstand the most extreme conditions. You can take it with you whenever and wherever — and because it’s Braven, you can be sure it sounds great (we actually use a Braven speaker at home so I speak from experience).

Braven Solar PanelIf you’re going to chill outdoors, this Braven Solar Panel (P2,450) is just what you need so you don’t have to worry about charging your speaker. You can just use the sun’s power to boost your battery. It’s waterproof too! Just attach it to the top of your Braven BRV-PRO speaker and you’re good to go.

Braven Action MountCompatible with most GoPro and popular action mounts, you can use the waterproof Braven Action Mount (P750) so you can take your music surfing, riding, driving, etc.

Braven Glow DeckStaying outdoors till night time? The Braven Glow Deck (P1,450) attaches and connects to your Braven BRV-PRO speaker and uses luminous LEDs to light your path, tent, or campsite.

Braven BRV-PRO Stacking PlateIf you like your music loud, you can use the Braven BRV-PRO Stacking Plate (P950) to stack two or more Braven BRV-PRO speakers for more volume.

Digits Trading summer gadgetsWith Titan the toughest cable on Earth (P1,950), you’ll never have to see frayed and knotted cables… ever. It’s the last charger cable you’ll ever need for the iPhone.

Digits Trading summer gadgetsThere’s a keychain version too — Titan Loop, the toughest key chain cable on Earth (P1,650). It extends to nearly 25cm (9 inches) so it’s easy to reach USB ports but loops in half to attach to your belt loop, backpack, etc.

Digits Trading summer gadgetsGot an Apple Watch? Meet the Bobine Watch (P1,350), hailed as the world’s most flexible Apple Watch dock. Charge your Apple Watch within view on your nightstand, desk, or even while driving with the included Dash Stabilizers.

Digits Trading summer gadgetsIf there’s a Bobine for the Apple Watch, there’s a Bobine for the iPhone (P1,950) too. This iPhone dock can hold your iPhone practically anywhere yet it’s small enough to fit in your travel bag.

Digits Trading summer gadgetsBut wait, there’s a Bobine Auto (P2,200) iPhone car dock too! Perfect for Waze (or any GPS driving app), hands-free calling, and audio streaming.

Digits Trading summer gadgetsA laptop emits radiation from the battery, wifi antenna, and cellular antenna in some models, particularly at the bottom side of the device. The Vest Laptop Radiation Shield (P3,450) reduces radiation exposure by up to 92% while providing the user maximum comfort and heat reduction. Just put your laptop on top of it and you’re good to go.

Digits Trading summer gadgetsVest Anti-Radiation Cases (price starts at P1,850 depending on the model) are the iPhone versions of the Vest Laptop Radiation Shield. These reduce radiation exposure by 89% while protecting your phone from the impact of drops or bumps.

Digits Trading summer gadgetsThere are Vest Wired Anti-Radiation Headsets (P1,850 each) too! There’s a bluetooth version you can use for hands-free calling that retails for P3,950.

All of these summer gadgets are available at Digital Walker and Beyond the Box stores nationwide.

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