Splitting your UBER fare!

I’ve been taking UBER a lot in the past few weeks. There’s been an influx of commitments in parking-less places and I’ve been going places during our coding days. But it’s only recently (March 27 to be exact) that I’ve tried actually splitting the fare with someone.

Uber Split Fare

So here’s the scenario — it was a Friday and I needed to go to Makati for an event. Mrs. Martinez and I usually take turns driving — I would drive during her coding days and she would drive during mine. It’s just one of the advantages living across each other. The problem was, that particular Friday, she wasn’t feeling well enough to drive but we both had a Makati commitment to fulfill. We decided to go via UBER and to split the fare back and forth.

I took care of actually getting an UBER from my place and as soon as Mrs. Martinez hopped in a minute later, I clicked on “Split Fare”. The option can be seen on your screen as soon as you begin your ride. When you click on it, the app will wait for the other party to confirm. Mrs. Martinez had to access her UBER app and confirm the split. After she confirmed, the app indicated that I was splitting the fare with her.

Uber Split Fare

Anyhow we went from Quezon City to Makati and the ride cost P229. We split it in half. There’s a split fare fee of P10 per person but it still beats paying for the full amount right? You can split with up to 4 people if I’m not mistaken. We split the fare again from Makati to Quezon City. Since it was a Friday night, there was a x2.1 surge rate so we ended up with a P400+ bill but paid only P200+ per person. Nice! We got the convenience of having a driver drop us off at the door of where we were going plus we rode in comfort inside a cool and clean car.

Uber Free Credit

If you still haven’t downloaded the UBER app on your mobile device, you can get free P100 credits by entering my UBER referral code yetbk (it’s not case sensitive).

For me it really beats taking a cab and I’ve proven that they cost more or less the same (without the surge). Plus, UBER drivers will never refuse to take you to where you need to go. Taxi drivers can turn you down with a variety of reasons — traffic, location is too far, the route is inconvenient, etc. UBER drivers will always pick you up and drop you off at the exact locations you pin.

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