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My husband and I made the rounds yesterday paying real property taxes in 3 different city halls. While there were virtually no lines (I don’t think people are excited to pay taxes in December), the traffic was pretty bad. Took us an hour to go to Pasig City Hall from San Juan. And that was just the first part of the day’s errands. You can just imagine what a chore it is to drive to say… the supermarket this season.

Honestbee Rustans MarketplaceThat said, I’m just happy that more and more establishments are partnering with the ever reliable shopping app Honestbee. When I first downloaded the Honestbee, I was happy I could do grocery shopping with it. Then they leveled up to doing food deliveries. Now I can shop for everything from stuffed toys to pet treats using the app. Anyway, I’m happy to announce that Rustan’s Marketplace is now part of the Honestbee merhcant line-up.

Honestbee Rustans MarketplaceSince it’s Christmas season, Rustan’s Marketplace has a special pop-up Christmas Store which features giftable items. The regular Rustans Marketplace and the Rustans Marketplace Christmas store are next to each other on the app.

Honestbee Rustans MarketplaceYou can find most if not all of the exclusive Rustan’s Marketplace brands on the app. One of them is Vitapet, an imported brand of pet food which we buy for our cats. Whenever I find myself in Rustans Marketplace, I make it a point to stock up on Vitapet canned soft food. It’s priced at P65 per 400g can at Rustans Marketplace whereas online vendors sell it for P80 per can. I’m so happy that I can now just order this via Honestbee in addition to other grocery items. Other examples of Rustans Marketplace exclusive brands are Waitrose and Casino.

You get free delivery if your purchases reach P2,500. If not, the delivery fee is just P49 so it’s just like buying from an online store except you set the schedule with Honestbee. I think the concierge fee of P99 is well worth it because promise, you won’t be spending just P49 (delivery fee) + P99 (concierge fee) if you choose to drive, park, and shop by yourself.

You can download the Honestbee app from Google Play or App Store.

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    Honest Bee is Amazeballs!

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