Royce Chocolate Potato Chips!

I gave in to temptation and indulged in something I normally would not buy just before I left for the United States. See, I consider food as something that’s gone too soon well after you eat it and so I prefer devoting my budget to more material pursuits such as beauty products, designer bags, shoes, gadgets… well you get the picture.

Royce Potato Chip ChocolateAs I was walking around Greenbelt 5, I passed by the Royce booth. I was actually looking for Strip to have my underarm waxing session.

Royce Potato Chip ChocolateAfter the waxing session, I made my way back to the basement parking area. I passed by the Royce booth again and bought a box of Royce Chocolate Potato Chips for P990.

Royce Potato Chip ChocolateInside the box are two bags. One bag of white chocolate covered potato chips and one bag of milk chocolate flavored potato chips.
Royce Potato Chip Chocolate

The bags are pretty big.

Royce Potato Chip ChocolateI tried the Royce Potato Chip Original first, which is milk chocolate covered potato chip. The potato chip itself is crunchy and salty, then it’s covered with smooth, rich, and creamy Royce chocolate.

Royce Potato Chip ChocolateThen I tried Royce Potato Chip Chocolate Fromage Blanc which is white chocolate covered potato chip. Same salty and crunchy chip but covered with the sweet milky goodness of luxurious white chocolate.
Both kinds are heaven in a bite I tell you.

Level 1 Greenbelt 5,
Makati City

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