Jules Destrooper Speculoos Spread

Has the cookie butter fever subsided? I’m not really sure but what I know is, we still have jars of Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter and Lotus/Biscoff Spread in the house. I realize a year has passed since I first posted about these sinful spreads. Well guess what, here’s another one!

Jules Destrooper SpeculoosA friend sent me this 200g jar of Jules Destrooper Speculoos Spread. I remember seeing this in S&R some time ago where it sold for P199.95 per jar. It’s referred to as “Spread of Caramelized Biscuits” in the official Jules Destrooper website. It prides itself for being made with pure butter so OMG it’s going to be a really sinful indulgence.

Jules Destrooper SpeculoosDoesn’t it look super creamy?

Jules Destrooper SpeculoosWell it is. It’s so creamy that the spread runs down your spoon and goes back to the bottle when you try to get some this way.

Jules Destrooper SpeculoosIs that creamy or is that creamy? Taste-wise, it’s nothing like TJ or Lotus. There’s no hint of cinnamon or gingerbread, in fact it tastes more like crushed butter cookies. Yes, butter cookies — you know the type people give away during Christmas? Kinda like that.

Jules Destrooper SpeculoosIt’s definitely the most spreadable of all the cookie butters I’ve tried. My daughter loves it to bits. Jules Destrooper Speculoos Spread has rekindled her appetite for cookie butter.

Jules Destrooper is sometimes available at S&R for P199.95 per 200g jar. What’s the best cookie butter you’ve tried so far?

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