Juicy Electronics Juice Box Earphones!

I got a bunch of cute tetra packs marked Juicy for review about a week or so ago. They came in five different fruit flavors: Banana, Cherry, Blueberry, Strawberry, and Apple. Upon first glance, you’d think I was reviewing a new juice brand.

Juicy Electronics Juice Box EarphonesBut these aren’t juices and I’m not doing a beverage review. They’re Juicy Electronics’ Juice Box scented earphones!

Juicy Electronics Juice Box Earphones

I find the packaging cute and innovative.

Juicy Electronics Juice Box EarphonesThe front side of the box opens up so you can take a peek at the earphones’ color. There’s also a small hole labeled “Sniff Here” where you can take a whiff of the fruity scent.
Juicy Electronics Juice Box EarphonesJuicy Electronics Juice Box EarphonesI chose the Strawberry variant for review. Each box contains a pair of earphones, interchangeable earbud cushions, and a decal.
Juicy Electronics Juice Box EarphonesIt’s a pretty straightforward. Since I got the Strawberry variant, it’s colored red. Cherry is pinkish purple (shown in the box photos above), apple is green, banana is yellow, and blueberry is black.

Juicy Electronics Juice Box EarphonesJuicy scented earphones come with this tiny single-button remote control which enables you to turn the music on or off.

Juicy Electronics Juice Box EarphonesYou can replace the cushions for the earbuds with the extra ones provided for a perfect fit.

What I like about Juicy Electronics Juice Box earphones:

  • They make great gift items since they’re very cute, novel, unique, and nicely packaged!
  • The scents remind me of the fruit-scented erasers I would use as a child.
  • The sound is quite decent for a simple pair of earphones.
  • Even non-techie people can use them easily since all you do is plug in and listen.

Downside? More jaded music enthusiasts will probably find it lacking as you can’t really hear every single strum of the guitar, beat of the drum, or tapping of the keyboards the way you can on more expensive earphones. It’s kind of pricey too.

Juicy Electronics Juice Box Earphones cost P1,200 each. They’re available at Beyond The Box, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, iStudio, Bratpack, Hobbes And Landes, Technoholics, iGig and Gadgets In Style.

Here’s some more good news! I’ll be giving away three (3) tetra packs of Juicy Electronics Juice Box earphones in my upcoming blogversary contest Animetric’s Favorite Things Year 3 this February 20, 2012! What do you think? Stay tuned! 😀

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