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What kind of shopper are you? Are you the type who knows what she wants and goes to get it? Or are you the type who asks around for recommendations? Me, I’m the first type. But I know a lot of people who are the second type. They have a hard time making up their minds. This makes them take soooo long in deciding what to buy.

Hive Mind by Digital WalkerAnd that’s what Digital Walker’s newly opened store, Hive Mind, is all about.

Hive Mind by Digital WalkerHive Mind puts all YOUR favorite accessories (Digital Walker’s bestsellers) in one place and ranks them according to popularity. The selection is based on Digital Walker’s extensive customer database. That way, you don’t need to ask around — you immediately come to know what people are buying more of in a glance!

Hive Mind by Digital WalkerThey have speakers, headphones, gadget cases, cables, powerbanks… every kind of accessory conceivable is represented.

Hive Mind by Digital WalkerGuess what the #1 preferred headphones are? It’s Coloud Pop!

Hive Mind by Digital WalkerMeanwhile, these are their most popular iPhone cases.

Hive Mind by Digital WalkerHere’s a sample Top 10 list at Digital Walker’s Hive Mind. Such lists should give even the most indecisive shopper solid ideas on what to get.

Hive Mind by Digital WalkerWhoa! This Braven Balance Bluetooth Speaker is ranked #2 and that ranking is well-deserved! We have a unit at home and we use it to play music, crank out the volume when we watch streaming videos on our tablet… etc. We love the excellent sound quality and the long battery life!

The first Hive Mind store is located at the third level of Trinoma Mall. The store’s design allows the staff to update the lists and replace the accessories based on the latest data provided by Digital Walker.

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