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Some weeks ago, I scheduled a family dinner at the much talked about Hey Handsome in BGC. For now, Hey Handsome is only open for either lunch OR dinner (nowadays it’s mostly dinner). You have to call and check which one it is. You also reserve a seating schedule before you go, or risk not having seats. I was given a choice between 6pm and 8pm. I opted for 6pm since we usually have dinner around that time.

Hey HandsomeWe were greeted by this cheerful dude who held up the entire menu written on a chalkboard.

Hey HandsomeHey Handsome’s interiors are very simple. It’s all pretty much tiles, tables, and chairs. The tiles look very much like bathroom tiles. The lighting reminded me of a TV / movie interrogation room. I’m not saying it’s bad. In fact, it all comes together quite nicely. I think the quirky vibe is intentional.

Hey HandsomeWe went for some mocktails, namely Donkey Punch (P130) and Magic Milk (P180). Donkey Punch is some sort of ginger lemonade. Magic Milk is a yogurt drink spiked with a chili pepper. I loved Magic Milk. The creamy homemade yogurt complements the chili pepper’s spicy kick. It’s a milky drink with just a hint of hotness. My 15-year old and I liked Magic Milk, but my 12-year old didn’t.

Hey HandsomeWe started off our Hey Handsome dinner with a cold appetizer — Soft Soft Tofu (P250). Okay they’re not kidding. The silken tofu slices are indeed super soft. They’re topped with creamy egg and tasty bonito flakes. We all liked this unique dish.

Hey HandsomeI read somewhere that Beetroot Paneer (P560) is the vegetable dish that will make you consider vegetarianism (or something to that effect) so we ordered it. I love food served in a pool of yogurt.

Hey HandsomeThis is what’s behind the towering Papadums — lots of quinoa and beetroot paneer. It was good at first. It got old when I made the mistake of munching on all the papadums, leaving just quinoa and beetroot. It’s best to eat the papadums, quinoa, and beetroot all together. Or maybe I should’ve mixed the quinoa, beetroot, and yogurt. I won’t go vegetarian because of this dish, if anything it made me crave meat more.

Hey Handsome BGCThe kids and I really loved Bebek Penyet (P780). It’s deep fried duck and duck egg served over rice. It also came with pickled vegetables reminiscent of atchara on the side. The duck is very flavorful and tender with nice and crispy skin. Yummy!

Hey HandsomeHubby’s pick is Nasi Lemak (P720). Oh this isn’t the usual Nasi Lemak… it’s sea bass! It’s probably the Rolls Royce of Nasi Lemaks. The caramelized sea bass is melt-in-your-mouth soft. It’s served with rice, pickled egg, sambal, and pickled cucumbers. Hubby couldn’t stop raving about this dish but the kids and I liked the duck better.

Hey HandsomeThen it was time for dessert. We ordered Yogurt (P250). This is house yogurt (they make it themselves) on top of black sesame paste. It’s topped with a beetroot brittle. They just love beetroot at Hey Handsome. The yogurt is really really good. I could tell they used Nestle Cream as the base lol.

Hey HandsomeThey recommended the Durian Cream Puff but none of us eat durian so we ordered Kueh Lengkuas (P180) instead. This dessert is made up of rose petals, rose-flavored meringue, gula melaka, coconut meat, and galangal cream. Galangal is kind of like ginger. It was kind of exotic but hubby liked it. I thought it was just okay… I definitely wouldn’t order it again though.

Hey Handsome offers a fusion of Southeast Asian flavors that you won’t find in the usual places. It’s got hints of Malaysian, Singaporean, Thai, and maybe even Indonesian flavors. The dishes are on the pricey side as the cheapest entree is almost P500. Serving sizes are good for one… sharing them family style will just leave you in limbo (not hungry but not satisfied). I’d recommend Hey Handsome to those willing to try something different, as each dish is definitely a gastronomic adventure.

Hey Handsome
G/F Net Park Building, 5th Avenue,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

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    Aye grabe!!! Sarap, tumutulo laway ko while reading!!hehe

  • Reply Heidi Roberts October 21, 2016 at 3:32 am

    What an interesting looking place, so many different and intriguing platefuls.

  • Reply Riz October 21, 2016 at 6:02 am

    Yum! I love the presentation… it’s refined but still somewhat natural looking!

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