Gracey’s Caviar Pie

This is kinda late but considering the fact that it is one of the most unique gifts I got last Christmas, I think it’s still worth a mention.

Gracey's Caviar Pie

So what’s in the box? It’s Gracey’s Caviar Pie. I’ve been seeing this a lot on Instagram last December and I’ve always been curious as to what it’s like.

Gracey's Caviar Pie

Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much caviar in one place. I may have expensive taste when it comes to bags but I’m generally a cheapskate when it comes to food so I will admit to never having ordered caviar anywhere. I always think that after I put it in my mouth it’s just going to disappear into the abyss that is my tummy so why spend a fortune, lol.

Gracey's Caviar Pie
It was undoubtedly a beautiful looking pie nonetheless.

Gracey's Caviar Pie

I cut a small triangle-shaped wedge to eat, because it’s pie okay?! I didn’t Google for info, I took it at face value. It was called a pie so I had a slice.

Gracey's Caviar Pie

Here is my little slice of pie which I ate as is. It’s got a gazillion caviar pieces on top then the next few layers are comprised of cream cheese (and other soft cheeses I presume), onions, hard-boiled eggs… and some other secret ingredients known only to Grace Yambao-Go, the pie maker. I was surprised at how overwhelming it was, then I wondered if this was how it was supposed to be eaten. I mean how could anyone finish one whole piece just as is? Then I Googled. Um, so it turns out it was supposed to be eaten as a spread on stuff like crackers, toast, etc. That morning, the only available crackers I had at home were graham crackers, lol. So I spread some on a graham cracker. Surprisingly, the tart-ish caviar pie/spread went very well with the slightly sweet graham cracker. And so that’s how you eat caviar pie. It’s actually pretty good that way.

My uncultured taste buds found the caviar fishy (well, duh, they are salted fish eggs) but when spread all over the surface of my graham cracker, it blended well with the cheeses, herbs, egg, and whatever else Grace put in the “pie” so it yielded a very balanced and pleasing taste. In short, it was all good!

The pie I was given is the smallest size, about 4 inches in diameter. It costs P1,200. The medium 7-inch pie costs P1,700 while the large 9-inch pie is priced at P2,800. Honestly speaking I would never have gotten to taste it if I had not been given one because OMG P1,200 for a 4-inch pie… (yes, that’s coming from someone who spends a lot more on designer bags). So thank you thank you thank you Jane Go and Grace Yambao-Go for what was literally a taste of the luxury life!

Grace whips up lots of other yummy and more affordable goodies aside from Caviar Pie. Check out Gracey’s Gourmet Kitchen on Facebook for more information. You can also call 8043123 / 2157706 / 09177945148 for inquiries or orders.

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