Gonuts Donuts Christmas Treats!

Got these pretty and festive Christmas-themed donuts from Gonuts Donuts last Thursday afternoon. They sent me samples of their Halloween treats a while back. They may look similar in that they are whole donuts with frosted tops and fondant toppings, but these ones are filled.

Gonuts Donuts Christmas Donuts

For Christmas we have three special donuts from Gonuts Donuts: Holly Mallowy (red frosting), Yule Bliss (white frosting), and Sweet n’ Merry (green).

Gonuts Donuts Christmas Donuts

Holly Mallowy if filled with sweet marshmallow creme in the middle; Yule Bliss has Bavarian creme; Sweet n’ Merry has a Dulce de Leche center (caramelized condensed milk if you must). I liked Yule Bliss best since it had the most flavor contrast as Bavarian creme is not all that sweet and actually has a bit of tartness. If we follow the usual pricing of Gonuts Donuts these should cost P30+ a pop.

Gonuts Donuts Christmas Cookies

Ho ho ho! There are matching Christmas cookies as well! There are three designs available — Gingerbread Man, Candy Cane, and Christmas Tree. The cookies are sweet, light, and crisp. I can tell it’s made of just eggs, sugar, flour, and butter because the egg taste is very dominant. I prefer my cookies chewy and moist so these were not very impressive for me.

Gonuts Donuts Christmas Cookies
I think the Gingerbread Man is cute though, haha!

Gonuts Donuts’ Christmas goodies are available at all Gonuts Donuts stores. Visit http://www.gonutsdonuts.com/ for a complete list.

Thank you Gonuts Donuts for the early Christmas treats!

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