Dolcelatte Cronuts!

If there’s one thing that’s hot right now it’s definitely cronuts, the pastry that’s practically the rage everywhere. It’s actually a cross between a croissant and a donut, hence the moniker cronut. I’m the loser who has yet to try one but not anymore thanks to Dolcelatte Cafe and Gourmet Bakeshop! Dolcelatte is probably the closest source of cronuts to where I live and work, lol! Dolcelatte actually calls them Croughnuts.

Dolcelatte Cronuts

You can get Dolcelatte’s luxuriously flavored cronuts by boxes of 6. Each box costs P660. I was only too excited to unbox mine.

Dolcelatte Cronuts
I almost didn’t want to untie the ribbon.
Dolcelatte Cronuts

Tadaa! Six incredibly delectable looking cronuts! I got Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate Macaroon, Lemon Meringue, Peanut Butter Crisp, Apple Cinnamon, and Raspberry Cream Cheese. Everything looked soooo good I had trouble deciding which one to try first.

Dolcelatte Cronuts
Here they are in reverse view.
Dolcelatte Cronuts

We decided to try Lemon Meringue first. Yes, we. I’m not about to eat one whole cronut by myself, lol!

Dolcelatte Cronuts

I sliced off a chunk and gave it to my son. It turns out that Dolcelatte’s cronut is like a donut-shaped croissant (look at the flaky insides) sandwich with both filling and topping. This one is filled with lemon-flavored cream and topped with light, creamy meringue and more zesty lemon cream.

Dolcelatte Cronuts

The Chocolate Caramel Cronut is my daughter’s favorite. This one is topped with rich milk chocolate and nutty chocolate caramel cubes and filled with caramel in between cronut halves. My daughter is very very picky when it comes to pastries (the only donut she eats is J Co’s Oreology, she hates everything) so I was surprised she loved it so much.

Dolcelatte Cronuts

Hubby and I really liked the Raspberry Cream Cheese. Flaky cronut halves are filled with raspberry-flavored cream cheese in between then topped with raspberry jam. Yum!
I still have three variants left in the box reserved for tomorrow, haha! I’m sure these would be lovely with a piping hot cup of coffee. You’re not supposed to refrigerate or heat these. In fact, you’re supposed to eat them the moment you get them. They are baked fresh at Dolcelatte everyday.
Since these are the very first cronuts I’ve tasted, I have nothing to compare them to. I would describe them as light, flaky, buttery, and very fancily flavored. If you like croissants, you’ll love these. I don’t see/taste any likeness to donuts except for the fact that they have a hole in the middle and they have toppings. These might as well be known as dessert croissants.
UPDATE: I have now tried all six flavors and my favorites from this batch are Peanut Butter Crisp (surprising since I don’t like Butterfinger and its made with Butterfinger), Raspberry Cream Cheese, Chocolate and Caramel. Chocolate Macaroon is interesting because its topped with dark chocolate, marshmallow creme, and dessicated coconut then filled with macaroon paste. Wow!

Dolcelatte’s cronuts are for pre-order and reservation only. Just call 332-3407. You can pick them up from Monday to Saturday at 1616 Quezon Avenue, South Triangle, QC.

Dolcelatte Croughnuts Reward Card
What do you know, Dolcelatte has a Croughnut Reward Card! You get one when you purchase a box of six and you get a stamp every time you get a box of six. The more stamps you earn, the more freebies you get from Dolcelatte!

Dolcelatte Cafe and Gourmet Bakeshop
1616 Quezon Ave., South Triangle, Quezon City

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