Crying over a broken laptop…

So yesterday morning was the usual morning. I turned on my laptop and went to the bathroom. Then I heard a loud crash. I rushed out and asked my husband what fell. He said it was my laptop. He tripped on the charger cord and it fell to the floor.

Samsung Notebook
Samsung Notebook circa October 2012

It was still on when I looked at it but it was not responding to anything I would click or press. I did a hard reset by pressing the power button for an extended time. It was stuck on the Windows main page. Nothing you could press or click elicited any response. Then it dawned on me. My laptop was most probably dead.

I was pretty calm at first but when the gravity of the situation sank in (it had been a while since I backed up everything because well, there wasn’t any warning BSODs or whatever), I had an epic meltdown. I must’ve looked silly bawling over a dead laptop. My hubby just blurted out “Okay… over a computer, really???”. You would better be able to understand that comment if you knew me personally. I’m not a crybaby. I’m not even the least bit emotional. Just to give you an example, when my dad passed away, I got the call in the middle of a work-related event. I finished my commitment and if you saw me then you wouldn’t be able to tell that I got that call. My rationale for that reaction was, even if I abandoned my commitment and rushed to the hospital, he wasn’t coming back… so I may as well salvage what I can. That’s just how logical I am most of the time. Always head over heart, that’s me.

Usually when my laptop starts flashing the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) I would start backing up everything and start scouting for a new one. But this one was still healthy before the accident so there was no reason for me to transfer all the data inside the hard drive elsewhere. Actually no, I did not break down over a computer. To hell with the computer, I can always get a new one. It’s what’s inside!!! I had so much pending work inside that laptop, not to mention thousands of photos. What was going to happen to all those???
So anyway, I collected myself and proceeded with the day’s events. My hubby took my laptop and my WD Passport to try and have the data recovered. He spent the entire afternoon at the computer shop doing so but at least the data was recovered. The laptop however, is truly dead. Meanwhile I looked over some laptop models and I’m now trying to place my order. I hope they have it in stock because I really really need one ASAP. I’m now blogging using the office computer but it doesn’t have all the usual software I use.

With this, I’d like to apologize for delays in posting schedules. I’m trying to get a new machine as fast as I can, thank you for understanding.

Acer Aspire R13

UPDATE: My replacement machine is an Acer Aspire R13. My heartfelt thanks goes out to the lovely folks at Acer Philippines who helped me out — from selecting the right model to expediting the entire purchasing process! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Yay I’m back in business less than a week after my laptop got killed! 😀

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