Chips Ahoy Gooey Megafudge

I bought a pack of Chewy Chips Ahoy Gooey Megafudge a couple of nights ago when I spotted it on sale at Hi-Top Supermarket in Quezon City. The price was marked down from P249.50 to P174.75. I’ve seen several new Chips Ahoy variants I’ve been wanting to try (Brownies, Salted Caramel, etc) and so I grabbed this one immediately. I’m a cheapskate when it comes to food, lol.

Chips Ahoy Gooey Megafudge

There are a three kinds of Chewy Chips Ahoy Gooey cookies as far as I know — Chewy Chips Ahoy Gooey Megafudge (this one) which is chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips filled with chocolate fudge and Chewy Chips Ahoy Gooey Chocofudge (chewy original Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookie filled with chocolate fudge), and Chewy Chips Ahoy Gooey Caramel (chewy original Chips Ahoy chocolate chop cookie filled with caramel). This was the only kind on sale so it was what I got, hahaha.

Chips Ahoy Gooey Megafudge

My chocoholic daughter was very eager to try it. You simply pull back the flap to open the resealable package.

Chips Ahoy Gooey Megafudge

This is how big one cookie is. Chocolate cookies are so hard to photograph at home because they usually come out looking more black than brown.

It’s very chewy and well, filled with soft gooey chocolate in the middle. It’s surprisingly not as sweet as the original Chips Ahoy in the blue package which I hate so much (yes, I hate the original not chewy Chips Ahoy with a passion because I feel I am eating a hard dry cookie made of sugar whenever I have one). It’s pretty good, both my kids love it.

The marked down prices for this product are good until supplies last if you’d like to sample it for less than the retail price. I was at Hi-Top Supermarket Sunday evening and there was still a lot of them then.

Hi-Top Supermarket is located on Quezon Ave. cor. Sct. Esguerra St. in Quezon City, it’s near ABS-CBN. I’ve actually seen several Kapamilya stars there over the years, the most notable of which was Robin Padilla back when my son was still a toddler. Robin actually played with my son, lol — no pics because phone cams and digicams weren’t really in vogue back then (thats was maybe 2002).

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