Alaska Merry Cremas Festival 2015

One event I look forward to every December is the Alaska Merry Cremas Festival. I love food and Christmas is the perfect time to be discovering new things to eat. For the past two years, I’ve made my rounds at this event.

Alaska Merry Cremas 2015This is my third year of going around the Alaska Merry Cremas Festival and for the first time it was held indoors at the Trinoma Activity Center. Like in the previous years, there’s no entrance fee… all you have to do is register and you’re in!

Alaska Merry Cremas 2015I passed by pretty much all the booths at the Alaska Merry Cremas Festival and each one had a special Alaska Crema All-Purpose Cream creation. I’ll be sharing with you what I found to be my most memorable Alaska Crema All-Purpose Cream-enriched food discoveries… starting with this booth, Nicomethods.

Alaska Merry Cremas 2015Maha Blanca by Nicomethods

Nicomethods’ Maha Blanca is probably one of the creamiest and dreamiest I’ve ever tasted. Wow. This is traditionally a corn and milk based Filipino delicacy but it was made so much richer by Alaska Crema All-Purpose Cream. All the booths were gracious enough to post their recipes on site so you can actually try making their yummy creations at home.

Alaska Merry Cremas 2015Homemade Alaska Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

Next up was this Homemade Alaska Cookies and Cream Ice Cream. It’s made of only 4 ingredients — Alaska Crema All-Purpose Cream, Alaska Condensed Milk, Oreo, and Vanilla Extract but wow, I thought it was pretty amazing.

Alaska Merry Cremas 2015Creamy Sisig Bagnet by Manong’s Bagnet Station

OMG. This Creamy Sisig Bagnet by Manong’s Bagnet Station gets my vote for best savory dish at the Alaska Merry Cremas Festival 2015. Since it’s made purely with Bagnet (deep fried crunchy pork belly), it’s crunchy like chicharon. It’s also spicy and a bit creamy at the same time. It’s so perfect I wanted to take the entire pan home, lol!

Alaska Merry Cremas 2015Classic Cassava Cake by Titong’s Delicacies

I also super loved the Classic Cassava Cake by Titong’s Delicacies. It’s soooo good. The cassava is very finely um… ground? Mashed? It also has just the right sweetness… I especially loved the cheesy creamy topping.

Alaska Merry Cremas 2015Vigan Longganiza Carbonara by Noel Savory and Confection

I saw them cooking this Vigan Longganiza Carbonara and wow, it smelled really divine. I wasn’t able to try but it sure looked delicious.

Alaska Merry Cremas 2015Special Creamy Yummy Yema Cake by Ann Sweet Co.

It was my first time to try Yema Cake during the event and this one did live up to its name because it was yummy!

Alaska Merry Cremas 2015Mango Cream Cake in a Jar by Tres Marias Cakes

Love the presentation of this one. I wasn’t able to taste it but I thought it would be great to give away because it looks so nice.

Alaska Merry Cremas 2015Banoffee Cake in a Jar by Simply Cups and Cakes

Want cake in a jar in a different flavor? Simply Cups and Cakes has a lot but the one made with Alaska Crema All-Purpose Cream is the Banoffee Cake in a Jar.

Alaska Merry Cremas 2015Mango Crepe Samurai with Alaska Crema Sauce

The crepe is made from scratch and enriched with Alaska Evaporada while the Alaska Crema Sauce combines Alaska Evaporada, Alaska Crema All-Purpose Cream, and Alaska Condensada.

Alaska Merry Cremas 2015Oh Baby! Choco Caramel Cake by Bite Sized Dessert Project

Moist and rich, just the way I like my chocolate cake. In case you’re wondering, it’s the cake on the leftmost side of the photo.

Alaska Merry Cremas 2015Mangga Crema Flan by Tastee Pastries and More

I tried this cake, I found it too sweet. My friends liked it though.

Alaska Merry Cremas 2015Salted Caramel Panna Cotta by Cupkies by K

The Cupkies by K booth was unmanned so I didn’t get to taste this but it was too pretty not to photograph.

Alaska Merry Cremas 2015I tried my luck at Ball Toss wherein you just need to shoot one ball into the basket for an Alaska gift pack. I failed. It’s harder than it looks!

Alaska Merry Cremas 2015Thank you Alaska Crema All-Purpose Cream for inviting me to this gastronomic event for the 3rd year in a row! Christmas is always a lot merrier with delectable sweet and savory treats kicked up a notch with Alaska Crema All-Purpose Cream. 🙂

For more yummy recipes using Alaska Crema All-Purpose Cream, download the Alaska Cremamoments mobile app. Keep updated on what’s new with Alaska Crema All-Purpose Cream by liking Alaska Crema on Facebook and/or following Alaska Crema on Instagram.

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