Alaska Merry Cremas Festival 2014!

I checked out the Alaska Merry Cremas Festival in Eastwood City last last Sunday. It’s a Christmas food bazaar which features a lot of dishes made with Alaska Crema all-purpose cream. I was at last year’s event and I sure wasn’t going to miss this year’s lineup! I love cream, I always have and I always will… I’m the type who can eat/drink it as is, hahaha!

Alaska Merry Cremas 2014Entrance to the Alaska Merry Cremas is FREE! All you have to do is register.

Alaska Merry Cremas 2014An Alaska Merry Cremas Christmas Tree greeted me at the entrance!

Alaska Merry Cremas 2014Anyhow I made my way straight to the food booths. Just like last year, I went around eating all the booth samples with a score sheet in hand. The first thing I tasted was the Carmelita, a pastry which resembled a butterscotch bar. I found it too sweet though. There were over 20 booths so I had a long afternoon of eating ahead, lol!

Alaska Merry Cremas 2014Next up was this Balut ala Pobre. This gets plus points for creativity. I normally don’t eat balut but this one didn’t have the gross chick parts like the beak or the webbed feet so I gave it a go. Surprisingly good!

Alaska Merry Cremas 2014These are Caramel Apple Bars. I like the combination of apples and caramel so this gets a thumbs up!

Alaska Merry Cremas 2014Another very creative dish was the Chocolate Pasta. It was surprisingly creamy yet not overly sweet. It had pineapple chunks and slivered almonds plus the pasta was al dente. This was definitely one of the better offerings at the festival.

Alaska Merry Cremas 2014I also sampled Gordita’s Gourmet Products’ creamy pates made with Alaska Crema. Yum! These would go nicely with some toast.

Alaska Merry Cremas 2014Guess who I bumped into at the Alaska Merry Cremas Festival? It’s Jane Go! I haven’t seen her in a loooong while and it’s always a pleasure catching up.

Alaska Merry Cremas 2014Here’s another unique creation… Carrot and Malunggay Cake Duo. The top layer is carrot cake while the bottom layer is malunggay cake. It’s all topped with a thick chocolate ganache. Not bad but I found it a tad dry.

Alaska Merry Cremas 2014I got to try these Mountain Dew Cupcakes too! Too sweet for me, but kids might like them.

Alaska Merry Cremas 20143rd Place: Matty’s Mango Cake

Okay, so I saved the 3 food items I liked best among everything I tasted. I was asked to pick my top three and according to my ratings there’s a tie between 3rd and 2nd place. So anyway, 3rd place goes to Matty’s Mango Cake. Fresh mangoes, yummy cream, and a graham crust make up this refrigerator cake (yes you have to keep it cold at all times). Simple but sinfully delicious. For orders and inquiries, e-mail or text/call 0917-5352679 / 681-0460.

Alaska Merry Cremas 20142nd Place: Creamy Pumpkin Soup

2nd place goes to Creamy Pumpkin Soup by Kuya Pao’s Grill. Waaah they were even kind enough to share the recipe, I’m definitely making this at home! This is a bit more spicy compared to the usual pumpkin soup but I like it. There were even pumpkin cubes I could chew while having the soup. For orders and inquiries (they cater and do party trays) call 0905-3226008 / 881-9564.

Alaska Merry Cremas 2014First Place: Strawberry Panna Cotta with White Choco Mousse

My top pick is… Strawberry Panna Cotta with White Choco Mousse by Blue Toque. OMG. It’s the perfect combinations of fresh strawberries, cream, and white chocolate. Rich and creamy but not overly sweet. I think I can eat a whole cake. I’d definitely be super happy if somebody gave this to me for Christmas! For orders and inquiries, e-mail or call/text 0943-7272154.

Alaska Merry Cremas 2014I got to take home some Alaska products from the event and I decided to try my hand at making something Christmas-y with Alaska Crema at home. 😀

Alaska Merry Cremas 2014Lucky for me, our next door neighbor gave us a tin of Malagos Unsweetened Chocolate which I could use for my creamy hot chocolate. I took three nuggets to make a cup.

Alaska Merry Cremas 2014So all you need is some pure unsweetened chocolate, water, Alaska Fresh Milk, Alaska Crema, and brown sugar.

Alaska Merry Cremas 2014Melt the chocolate in 100 ml water. Then add 30ml Alaska Fresh Milk and 50ml Alaska Crema. Keep stirring. Add brown sugar to taste. I added just one tablespoon because I don’t like my drinks too sweet.

Alaska Merry Cremas 2014After everything was well-blended, I transferred the hot chocolate into a mug and put in a peppermint-flavored candy cane. You can use it as a stirrer to make your drink a bit minty. Yum! I love how hot chocolate is so much richer and creamier when you add Alaska Crema. How’s this for a quick and easy creamy Christmas-y treat at home?

Merry Cremas… err… Christmas everyone! 😀

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