Win FREE tickets to SUN Disney On Ice!

Look what I woke up to this morning! I was surprised when our doorbell rang around 7am on a Saturday but wow — the surprise package that greeted me was worth it!

SUN Disney On Ice

It was a box that had Disney characters on it, headlined by the Frozen people — Kristof, Elsa, Anna, and Olaf.

SUN Disney On Ice

Opening the box revealed almost a dozen Disney princesses standing on vanilla cupcakes. They looked so amazing I almost didn’t want to take them out and eat them.

SUN Disney On Ice
I love how the frosting served as their swirly ruffled skirts!

I’ve always loved the Disney princesses. As little girls, my sister, cousin, and I would watch Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty repeatedly — on Betamax and on a film reel projector our grandmother used to have. I believe they were the first three Disney princesses. At the time I had no idea so many more princesses would come to being.

SUN Disney On Ice
Mulan, Halloween 2008

Among the newer princesses (by newer I mean 90s onwards, because the first ones like Snow White came to be in 1937, Cinderella in 1950, and Sleeping Beauty in 1959), I really like Mulan. I think it’s partly because like us, she is of Chinese descent and her story is something we studied in the Chinese schools we attended. Everything in Mulan is so relatable for me. Incidentally, my daughter’s first Halloween costume ever was Mulan. I ordered it online for US$35 from The Disney Store.

SUN Disney On Ice
Jasmine, Halloween 2010

Her other Halloween costume is Princess Jasmine, it’s a custom made creation that we borrowed from my cousin. It’s very elaborate! Both costumes have won many awards and prizes. I found it kind of dressing up my daughter as a princess. Had cosplay come into vogue earlier on I might have gotten into it. Too bad it became popular when I was already too old for it, lol!

SUN Disney On Ice

Anyhow, the lovely Disney Princess cupcakes are just a preview of what SUN Cellular has in store this holiday season. That’s right, SUN has partnered with Disney On Ice and will be bring the magic to life this Christmas and New Year (click on the poster above for show schedules). What’s more, SUN is giving away HUNDREDS of tickets starting NOW on the SUN Cellular Facebook Page! There’s just something magical about watching everything come to life live. It’s an entirely different experience, definitely more exhilarating compared to watching scenes unfold on a screen.

SUN Disney On Ice

But wait, there’s more! SUN is also raffling off Disney On Ice tickets to loyal SUN Prepaid, Postpaid, and Broadband subscribers — a total of 60 SUN Prepaid, 60 SUN Postpaid, and 60 SUN Broadband subscribers will take home 4 box tickets each for a magical holiday treat for the entire family!

The mechanics are as follows:

  • Promo is open to all Non-Stop Surf subscribers for Sun Prepaid and Sun Postpaid and Non-Stop Surf plan subscribers for Sun Broadband Postpaid from October 10, 2015 to November 30, 2015.
  • To qualify for the loyalty rewards, subscribers must simply register to the NON-STOP LOYALTY PROMO for free thru the following ways: Via SMS – Text SUNDISNEYONICE via 2470 / Via Online – Log-on to
  • Registrant must provide his/her name, home address, contact number, address, email, age and gender. Valid registration will receive a correct syntax confirmation from 2470.

Note: Registration is part of the requirements set by DTI, this is to have an unbiased system that will allow equal opportunity for all participations to win. One-time registration only per SIM card. Only one registered name per mobile number. Registration is FREE of charge. The Non-Stop Surf subscription will determine the number of loyalty entries that subscriber will earn.

Aside from the giveaways, SUN subscribers will get 5% off on ticket purchases at Ticketnet from now until Nov. 30, 2015 — just present your latest SUN Postpaid bill or official SUN SMS and valid ID.

We’re already excited for SUN Disney On Ice this holiday season! 😀

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