What do you think of LTO’s license plate cover ban?

We’ve always used protective covers for our cars’ license plates. For starters it makes them last longer, because prolonged exposure to the elements and other external factors dulls the printing of the numbers and letters. It also keeps the plate itself straight because it has a tendency to warp over time. Let’s face it, our license plates are not very sturdy and neither are they of good quality. They get dilapidated easily!

Infographic from Inquirer.net

Anyhow, I’ve heard about LTO and DOTC’s ban on license plate covers in line with their plate standardization efforts and I really don’t understand WHY they’re doing it. The new rule isn’t very clear too — is it just new cars and new plates that are covered or does this ban cover even old cars with old plates?

Personally I don’t see anything wrong with using protective license plate covers. I think it’s a deterrent to vandals, thieves, and other bad/mischievous elements. But since there is a fine of P5,000 to violators of this new rule, we’ve removed our covers all the same. Concern has been expressed that these covers might obstruct one’s view of the plate number and/or stickers, but really, we’ve been using perfectly transparent covers for years now and never once did the anyone (parking attendants, cops — even cops!, etc.) complain that they can’t read our plate number.

How is this helping security, peace, order, traffic, or whatever again? I think I missed that part. I just have this impression that instead of addressing more pressing concerns, our government agencies seem to have a knack for focusing on trivial matters. What a waste of time. I hope they start trying to find a solution to Metro Manila’s horrendous traffic problem instead of playing around with non-issues like this one.

What do you think?

Take a look at Joint Administrative Order No. 2014-01 which covers this ban HERE.

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