Unboxing BDJ Box June 2015 featuring Bioderma!

Finally got the June 2015 BDJ Box yesterday and well, it’s a special edition box featuring a brand I like — Bioderma!

BDJ Box June 2015

How exciting! Bioderma is a French drugstore brand with really excellent and highly effective products. Pricing is on the premium side. For example, a 250ml bottle of Bioderma Sensibio H2O costs P1,300.

BDJ Box June 2015
As always, I unboxed it right away!
BDJ Box June 2015

This was what greeted me. I wasn’t surprised because the box was extremely light when I picked it up.

BDJ Box June 2015

Anyway let’s not waste anymore time and get on with the contents. First off, we have a full-sized tube of The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain which retails for P795. There’s also a P200 discount coupon you can use for purchases amounting to at least P1k.

BDJ Box June 2015
Bioderma Sensibio

Next we have a bunch of tiny Bioderma samplers. First set is from the Bioderma Sensibio line formulated for sensitive skin: Sensibio AR (moisturizer), Sensibio Tonique (toner), and Sensibio Eye Contour Gel (eye cream). Honestly it’s just too much work for me to compute the exact value of each so I’ll go with the Sensibio AR. A full-sized 40ml tube costs P1,668. We’re getting a 5ml sample here so that comes out to P208.50. I’m probably saving all of these samplers for when I travel because I hate lugging around heavy full-sized products when I’m going out of town.

BDJ Box June 2015
Bioderma Atoderm

We also get 3 sampler 8ml tubes from the Bioderma Atoderm line: Atoderm Preventive, Atoderm Creme, and Atoderm Intensive. The Atoderm line is formulated for dry skin so you can expect intense moisturizing benefits.

BDJ Box June 2015
Bioderma Cicabio and Bioderma Sebium

Lastly, we get a Bioderma Cicabio Cream sachet. It’s interesting what this product can do — it’s a healing cream that treats wounds, targeting every stage of skin renewal. It prevents bacterial proliferation and moisturizes at the same time. Cicabio is after all Bioderma’s line for damaged skin. The other product is Bioderma Sebium Global, a product that not only clears away acne but controls shine.

BDJ Box June 2015
Bioderma Sebium Global 5ml

Okay since I have a zit now, I’m using this ASAP. A full-sized 30ml tube costs P1,318 so this 5ml sampler is worth about P220.

BDJ Box June 2015

It’s a watery cream and it smells surprisingly nice. I was only too happy to cover the affected area of my face with it. I immediately felt the pinprick of salicylic acid, one of its active ingredients, which is actually a good sign because for me it’s representative of the product’s potency. I’m going to use this to treat my zit and let you know how it goes.

UPDATE as of July 2, 2015: As promised I’m back to tell you about my experience with Bioderma Sebium Global. I know that a lot of people are not very happy with the June BDJ BOX but can I just say that because of it I discovered the BEST solution ever to breakouts? I admit I don’t breakout much — only once in a while but when I do I really really hate it and I can’t leave it alone! I wash and treat morning noon and night with whatever product I can get my hands on. Anyway when I read that this product is formulated to clear pimples, I was able to try it right away because I actually had one when I got the box. I applied it morning and night for 2 days straight and by the 3rd day the zit was gone. The affected area didn’t darken too and this smells simply divine. I love it!!!

Given the prices of Bioderma products, I’m sure this box is worth more than the subscription price because most of them are pegged at P200+ each. I will admit to being underwhelmed by what greeted me at first glance though, the same way I was with the first Benefit BDJ Box. It may have been a better move to mix these Bioderma samplers with a box containing a few more full-sized products. No matter how much the computed worth is, it’s going to be quite a challenge passing off 8 tiny samplers as being worth over P1k.

For more information about BDJ Box and subscription information, log on to https://bdjbox.com/.

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