The Whirlpool Neo iChill Refrigerator

When my hubby and I got married back in 1999, I bought a big Whirlpool refrigerator for almost P50k. This year marks that refrigerator’s 16th year at home.

Whirlpool Refrigerator

When I take photos for my blog in our clean kitchen, you can see that Whirlpool refrigerator standing in the background. It’s covered with souvenir photos from kiddie parties and fridge magnets.

Whirlpool Neo iChill Refrigerator

Although our refrigerator is still working fine, we’ve been thinking of upgrading. I’m pretty sure that with all the technological advances, a new ref would be more energy efficient and would have a lot more features compared to the one we’ve been using for the last 16 years.

One of the refrigerator models we’re considering is the Whirlpool Neo iChill Refrigerator. It cuts cooling time by half — making it 50% faster compared to other refrigerators. This is made possible by the Neo iCHILL’s 6th Sense Tower Cooling Technology (Inverter Equivalent). Yes, you can also make ice a lot faster with this! The specially designed freezer greatly minimizes cold air leakage even when the door is frequently opened and closed. The refrigerator doors are 3 inches thick, thicker than most doors which are usually about 2 inches. Because of this, there is minimal loss of cold air inside the ref and freezer section ensuring consistent cooling and improved energy efficiency. It also adds structural stability to the refrigerator allowing you to load more items on the racks behind the door.

The Whirlpool Neo iChill Refrigerator also has “Intelligent” sensors that detect temperature changes and adjust accordingly to maintain your set cooling conditions. Unlike ordinary refrigerators which cool continuously, 6th sense models save energy by only cooling when needed, thus energy is consumed wisely. Energy savings is equivalent to that of inverter refrigerators. Our electric bill shoots up during the summer months so I’m sure switching to a more energy efficient refrigerator will help us save more in the long run.

Here’s another thing: This refrigerator stays cooler longer during power failures! It traps cold air and locks it allowing you to enjoy up to 3x longer cooling retention with the chilling gel that’s directly built inside the freezer. It can stay cool for of 6 to 8 hours so your perishable items won’t spoil during blackouts. We’re liking the modern-looking metal finish too.

Whirlpool Neo iCHILL refrigerator model prices range from P22,998 to P35,998 depending on size and finish (it’s available in Stainless Steel and Titanium Silver). Wow, this is even cheaper than the price of the one I bought over a decade ago!

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