Strap Tamers — a fun fashion find!

I don’t know about you, but one of the things I hate about wearing sleeveless clothes (besides revealing my flabby arms) is that bra straps are always going astray. It’s bothersome and it’s very distracting having to adjust it repeatedly.

Strap TamersEnter Strap Tamers — the answer to a girl’s bra strap woes! With this little contraption, you never have to worry about your bra straps going astray again. They’re tiny, easy to use, and a pack of six retails for P495 (it costs US$9 in the US) at Rustans Essenses. Since Strap Tamers are made of durable plastic, they won’t damage your clothes.

I hate wearing strapless bras because I feel they are always on the verge of falling off, so Strap Tamers are definitely a must-have for me.

You can get Strap Tamers at a discounted rate of P395 if you order directly from Raspberry Studio, the Philippine distributor. You get free shipping if you order four or more packs.
Raspberry Studio

For inquiries contact Pearlyn Tan of Raspberry Studio at 411-1181 or 0917-8188188.

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