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Nowadays, it seems most of us turn to the internet for advice on just about everything — beauty, fashion, health, parenting, entertainment (like… which video game should I get?)… and even love! Got a question? Google it.

Skin Matters
Agoo Bengzon and Nicole Romero of Skin Matters

But now, appearance-conscious men (yes men!) and women (me included) of the Philippines… we have our very own website about everything skin. It’s called Skin Matters. It’s headed by Agoo Bengzon (Preview’s beauty editor turned Unilever’s beauty expert) and beauty blogger Nicole Romero, (Cosmopolitan’s beauty editor turned Skin Matters’ editor-in-chief).

Skin Matters

Dedicated to skin care, Skin Matters is a collaboration between Unilever, the Philippine Dermatological Society, and an editorial team of skin care experts and writers. Everything is here — from articles on how to zap zits to makeup how-to videos to grooming tips for men. According to Nicole, they teach people how to find the best products for their complexion by talking about the best ingredients to look out for, not which brands to buy.

Skin Matters

If you need professional help, Skin Matters also offers free online derma consultation with the Philippine Dermatological Society.

Do drop by and discover skincare secrets straight from the experts!

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