Shopping spree at Clothes Buffet Manila Season 1

Earlier today, I went to another shopping event. I wasn’t suicidal as to attempt to get into H&M at SM Megamall as it opened to the public today (although it was super tempting as most items are 40% to 50% off). I shopped at Clothes Buffet Manila! Remember when I first blogged about it last July? That was just a preview, now it’s the main event.

Clothes Buffet Manila Season 1

You’re supposed to be there 30 minutes early, I was part of the 2pm wave. I had to drop my daughter off somewhere close by but traffic was so horrid I ended up arriving at Il Terrazo 15 minutes before 2pm. Talk about stress! Then the elevator was not functioning because preventive maintenance was being performed. I had to go up from the basement parking level all the way up to the 6th(?) floor where Ariato was by stairs. To make a long story short when I joined the 2pm wave with a few minutes shaved off my 15 minutes. I think I had 8 minutes left, lol. I was actually offered the next wave but I had to pick up my son from school so I told them I don’t mind doing it in less than 15 mins.

Clothes Buffet Manila Season 1

There were maybe 50 racks of clothes — tops, bottoms, dresses… I didn’t know where to start! I don’t think I was able to see all 50 racks so make sure you go early. I was grabbing whatever I thought would fit me.

Clothes Buffet Manila Season 1

Our bags were bursting, lol! Thank goodness my evil twin Marj helped me pack my bag hahaha or I would have ended up with a lot less clothes. I was on my way out of Il Terrazzo by 2:30pm.

Clothes Buffet Manila Season 1
So here’s my Clothes Buffet Manila Season 1 haul.
Clothes Buffet Manila Season 1

I got 9 pieces… 8 tops and 1 skirt (because I thought it was a top hahaha!). I haven’t tried them on yet, I hope most of them fit. These come out to P222+ per piece.

Clothes Buffet Manila Season 1

Buffets not your thing? You can enter the buffet floor and shop a la carte style for P499. The entrance fee is consumable and everything is buy 1 take 1.

You can still avail of Clothes Buffet Manila tickets, log on to for more information.

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