Shopping for Xiaomi Mi3 accessories!

If you’re a regular reader, you probably already know that hubby and I were each able to buy a Xiaomi Mi3 cellphone from the Lazada flash sale last week. Right after I posted about it, people were already asking if there were accessories available! Well, even we were wondering because I saw on the Mi3 site that covers and screen protectors are coming soon.

Digital Walker V-Mall

My hubby and I were talking to a friend about it when he said that there are actually Xiaomi Mi3 accessories available at Digital Walker!!! Wow! I wasn’t expecting them to have stuff for the Mi3 so soon! We dropped by their V-Mall store earlier this afternoon.

Digital Walker V-Mall

To be honest, I don’t like buying from fly-by-night-ish shady stalls selling dubious-looking things. I’d rather support legit reputable retail outlets like Digital Walker. At least I’m sure of what I’m getting right?

Momax Screen Pro+ Mi3 Screen Protector

So anyway, the first order of business was getting screen protectors for our Mi3’s. We each got a Momax Screen Pro+ HD Crystal Clear screen protector. It costs P350 each.

Momax Screen Pro+ Mi3 Screen Protector

We asked the Digital Walker dude to put on the screen protectors for us. He did so perfectly! Yay for great value-added service!

Momax Screen Pro+ Mi3 Screen Protector

Here’s my phone with the screen protector. It comes with a cleaning cloth too!

Momax Ultra Thin Mi3 Cellphone Case

Next we looked at Xiaomi Mi3 cases. Again, Momax! At the moment only Momax has accessories for the Mi3. Anyway the Momax Ultra Thin Mi3 cases are so sleek and lightweight that even if there were other options we still probably would’ve opted for it. There are only three colors: White, Red, and Black.

Momax Ultra Thin Mi3 Cellphone Case
I got the red case while hubby settled for white.
Momax Ultra Thin Mi3 Cellphone Case
I just snapped it onto my phone, easy peasy!
Momax Ultra Thin Mi3 Cellphone Case

The Momax Ultra Thin case fits perfectly. It’s so slim that it doesn’t add thickness or weight to the phone. It wraps around the back and sides nicely.

Momax Ultra Thin Mi3 Cellphone Case
Isn’t it sleek? I really really love this phone.
Momax Ultra Thin Mi3 Cellphone Case
Momax Ultra Thin Mi3 Cellphone Case
Momax Ultra Thin Mi3 Cellphone Case
See? You can easily access everything you need.
Momax Ultra Thin Mi3 Cellphone Case
The case has a smooth yet matte surface which is nice to hold.

What I like about Momax Screen Pro+:

  • It’s crystal clear! It’s as if your phone has nothing stuck to its surface!
  • It doesn’t impede the touchscreen’s sensitivity. It looks like it isn’t there and it feels like it isn’t there.
  • It fits the Mi3’s surface perfectly. The phone’s entire face is covered.
  • I find it reasonably priced at P350.

What I like about Momax Ultra Thin Mi3 Case:

  • It’s super slim and doesn’t add weight or thickness to the phone.
  • I like the matte surface, it makes the phone nice to hold.
  • It fits perfectly plus it’s super easy to put on and remove.
  • It gives my phone a nice splash of color.
  • It’s reasonably priced at P750. I remember buying my Samsung Galaxy Mega flip cover for more than double that price.

Downside? None whatsoever! Well, some people might prefer a flip case and at the moment there aren’t any available. The Momax Screen Pro+ for Mi3 and Momax Ultra Thin Mi3 Case are available at all Digital Walker stores nationwide. Log on to the Digital Walker Facebook Page for a complete list of stores.

Xiaomi Mi3

So far, I’m really really happy with my Xiaomi Mi3. Watch out for my review very soon! 😀

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