Row 101 Bridal Pop Up Fair in Rockwell

I remember getting married back in the 90s. We didn’t have too many options available to us. There were maybe like 1-2 bridal magazines I could use for reference and for most part I came across wedding suppliers via word-of-mouth. I’d attend a wedding, I would like certain aspects of it and then I’d ask who did what. Bridal fairs didn’t happen all that often too so I didn’t get a chance to visit any during the time we were preparing. My hubby and I had to go door-to-door and visit every single supplier since they didn’t really have websites back then. People who are getting married these days are so lucky to have so much more resources and references to turn to!

One such event is the Row 101 Bridal Pop-Up Fair happening in Rockwell this December. Featuring an array of quality purveyors for wedding needs, it’s a must-visit for those who are planning to tie the knot.

Row 101 Bridal Pop Up Fair

Featured designers include Maureen Disini, Camille Co, Mark Bumgarner, and Julianne Syjuco among many others. There will also be suppliers for invitations, jewelry, beauty and grooming, etc. This is happening from Dec. 4-6, 2015.

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