Quick and easy Christmas Cards with Canon SELPHY CP910!

With traffic what it is this holiday season, I honestly prefer to stay at home and do everything I can there. That said, DIY is the way to go! We’re so lucky to have so many things that make our lives easier these days.

Canon SELPHY CP910 Review
My DIY Christmas Card Workshop with Canon Selphy CP910

Gadgets are a good example of things that bring us convenience. I recently got to test drive a Canon SELPHY CP910 Photo Printer and well, I decided to do an instant DIY Christmas Card Workshop for myself. Time is something that I don’t have much of and this was a wonderful opportunity to get a lot of things done simultaneously.

Anyhow you need only 3 things for DIY Canon SELPHY Christmas Cards:

  • a wifi-enabled smartphone (I used a Samsung Galaxy S5)
  • a Canon SELPHY CP910 Photo Printer
  • photo papers
Canon SELPHY CP910 Review

The Canon SELPHY CP910 is so easy to set up that I didn’t even need to go through the quick start guide. Just plug it in an outlet, push the power button, and well wait for the display screen to light up and take you through the next steps.

Canon SELPHY CP910 Review

I filled the tray with photo paper for my cards. The Canon SELPHY CP910’s tray accommodates post card sized photo paper (in this case we are using the Canon RP-108) so it’s perfect for my purpose! The Canon RP-08 pack comes with ink and 108 sheets of photo paper!

Canon SELPHY CP910 Review

Before you proceed, make sure you download the Canon Easy Photo Print app (for Android and iOS) so you can print wirelessly (it’s free!). You need to directly connect the gadget you will be printing with via wifi (in my case my cellphone) to the printer too.

Canon SELPHY CP910 Review

Of course you will need an app that will let you make Christmas cards on your cellphone. I downloaded and used Pic Collage (it’s free!). Hmmm, I don’t really have too many family pics in my cellphone so what I did was download a couple from my Facebook account, lol! With Pic Collage, it’s easy to lay out your Christmas card because there are a lot of backgrounds, fonts, stickers, and colors to choose from. Pic Collage also allows you to position your photos any way you want. I had come up with a card design in minutes.

Canon SELPHY CP910 Review

All I had to do was press the “Print” button on the Canon Easy Photo Print app and my card was literally on its way to the printer!

Canon SELPHY CP910 Review

It was quick! The Canon SELPHY CP910 was printing out my card right after!

Canon SELPHY CP910 Review
I love watching it layer the colors.
Canon SELPHY CP910 Review
My personalized Christmas card is looking good!
Canon SELPHY CP910 Review
Tadaa! This sure beats buying cards!
Canon SELPHY CP910 Review

Here’s a closer look at my DIY personalized Christmas card! I’m impressed! I don’t need to go to print shops anymore… it’s like I have my own photo lab at home!

Canon SELPHY CP910 Review

You know what else the Canon SELPHY CP910 is great for? Printing out family pictures! Did you know that the single most asked for requirement in school is a family picture? Multiply by the number of kids you have. It’s like they ask for it several times every school year (or more often) especially in grade school! I usually have to go out and have one printed at a print shop but with a Canon SELPHY CP910 at home, I can do it quickly and easily with my cellphone!

What I like about the Canon SELPHY CP910:

  • It’s very compact! I can easily bring it around with me if I need a photo printer. I can carry it with one hand.
  • The print quality is excellent. Whatever you see on your camera, cellphone, or computer screen is what you get on print.
  • It’s very user-friendly. I didn’t even need to read the quick start guide or any of the instructions that came bundled with it.
  • It connects easily with your wifi-enabled devices.
  • It has a memory card slot and USB so you can just insert your memory card or USB drive and print photos from there.

The Canon SELPHY CP910 is available in black or white for a Suggested Retail Price of P8,998. Log on to the Canon Philippines website for a list of retail outlets.

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