Presenting… the Jergens Moisturizing Collection!

Jergens is a brand I grew up with. I still remember how my grandmother would hoard large pump bottles of it from the US. Soon, Jergens products were sold in supermarkets nationwide. Then the brand seemed to vanish.

Jergens Original Beauty Lotion Review

But Jergens is back — and I got 6 different lotion variants from Sample Room to show for it:

  1. Jergens Original Beauty Lotion – This is my favorite because I love the cherry-almond scent! I’ll be reviewing this variant later in this post.
  2. Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion – This is an extra dry skin moisturizer and I highly recommend it if you’re going somewhere cold and dry (like Beijing in December, lol). It repairs, heals, and nourishes extra dry skin including heels, elbows, and knees. This is Jergens’ most moisturizing variant.
  3. Jergens Daily Moisture Lotion – An everyday lotion formulated with silk proteins and citrus extracts to reveal smoother and more radiant skin.
  4. Jergens Soothing Aloe Lotion – Formulated with cucumber, eucalyptus, and aloe vera, this light and minty variant soothes, cools, and moisturizes skin.
  5. Jergens Skin Lightening Lotion – Lightens and moisturizes skin.
  6. Jergens Age Defying Lotion – Antioxidant-rich ingredients restore and rejuvenate skin to prevent signs of aging.
Jergens Original Beauty Lotion Review

I chose to start my Jergens journey with the Jergens Original Beauty Lotion because as I said earlier, I loved the cherry-almond scent so much. When I first used it, my 10-year old daughter suddenly asked me what smelled so good and she ended up using it too!

Jergens Original Beauty Lotion Review

Jergens Original Beauty Lotion promises to give you visibly softer skin in just one use!

Jergens Original Beauty Lotion Review

It looks super thick and creamy but it’s surprisingly lightweight, fast-absorbing, and non-greasy.

Jergens Original Beauty Lotion Review

You couldn’t even tell I rubbed lotion all over my skin and I took this photo right after, no need to wait for it to dry or absorb.

What I like about Jergens Original Beauty Lotion:

  • It’s perfect for our country’s climate because it’s lightweight and it’s absorbed quickly. There’s no greasy feeling after use.
  • Skin does feel softer and smoother instantly — there’s really a difference in texture!
  • I love the light cherry-almond scent!
  • It’s reasonably priced as a 200ml bottle like the one I have here costs only P137.
  • It’s available practically everywhere!

Downside? This variant is not recommended if you’re going somewhere intensely cold and dry like Siberia, Alaska, or even just China during the winter months because it may be too light. It’s excellent for daily use though.

Jergens Lotion Prices are as follows:

  • P42 for 50ml
  • P79 for 100ml
  • P137 for 200ml
  • P246 for 500ml
  • P359 for 650ml

Jergens Lotion is available at all leading supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores nationwide.

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