PLDT’s Ask Diego — a child star is born!

I first discovered Diego Ledesma last April. I saw the Ask Diego Facebook Page and clicked like, lol. I found the concept of an advice column written by a 7-year old rather cute and unique. Reading on, I found that he actually makes a lot of sense in own amusing way. It was an interesting exercise to post questions and wait for Diego’s answer. It helps that Diego is a really an adorable-looking boy.

PLDT Ask Diego

Barely 2 months later, Diego is a full-blown child star appearing in all forms of media — print, TV, the internet… he’s everywhere!

PLDT Ask Diego
He’s been rubbing elbows with celebrities like Ryzza Mae…
PLDT Ask Diego
…Regine Velasquez…

PLDT Ask Diego
…Tito Sotto and Vic Sotto… and so many others!
PLDT Ask Diego

What makes Diego so lovable aside from his looks and his wit is the fact that he is real. He is a regular 7-year old boy who likes to play, watch movies, spend time with his family… he’s not some actor who’s making tons of movies nor is he a singer or a dancer. He’s just a little boy and a very charming one at that.

PLDT Ask Diego

You can see it in his face, you can see it in the way he moves. He’s the genuine article. His mom, dad, and ate are all getting their share of the limelight too because the Ledesma family has become familiar faces thanks to the PLDT TVC and the multimedia exposure. Even top broadsheet The Philippine Star acknowledges Diego’s stardom. Here’s a boy who doesn’t hail from a famous showbiz or political family and yet has managed to magically captured the hearts of Filipinos everywhere!

Check out Ask Diego on Facebook. He now has over 250,000 fans and counting!

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