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People love asking for and getting advice. Not a day goes by that my Facebook feed doesn’t show a question from one of my contacts asking about things like which restaurant to go to, where to buy certain things, and what to do in certain situations. When we think of someone who can help us, our peers, an elder person or someone we look up to usually comes to mind. But has it ever occurred to you to ask someone with a fresh, innocent perspective? Free from biases and complications that usually come with being an adult, why not ask a child… perhaps someone like this 7-year old boy named Diego.

Let me introduce you to the Ledesma family, where PLDT HOME DSL’s up and coming cute advice columnist Diego (Ask Diego on Facebook) belongs. Diego surprises his dad Paolo, his mom Lara, and older sister Trisha by asking the question “How do I get a girlfriend?”. Everyone pitches in with his/her answer and in the end, it’s revealed that someone on FB posted the question on the Ask Diego Facebook Page. So what sage advice does Diego give? “Treat her like your Mama,”. As a mom, that answer just makes me smile. πŸ™‚

I can’t stress enough just how important a stable, limitless, and family-sized connection is at home. When my kids have school, they usually come home with assignments that require research. They do most (if not all) of their research online and I can’t imagine how they’ll survive the school year without our PLDT HOME DSL. We’ve been subscribed to PLDT HOME DSL since 2012 and we’re very happy and satisfied with the service. As a family we’ve played games, watched movies, kept in touch with loved ones abroad, and even planned both local and international trips with the help of our internet connection. We can all connect at the same time and still enjoy uncompromising speed and efficiency. That’s what a family-sized connection is all about. One connection for the whole family without getting disconnected, one connection to enjoy the internet at the same time.

PLDT Home Ask Diego
PLDT Home Ask Diego

Anyhow, do you have any burning questions that you need answers to? Why not give it a go at the Ask Diego Facebook Page?

PLDT Home Ask Diego

He gives the cutest answers, the type that are so honest and obvious it’ll make you go now why didn’t I think of that? I’m thinking of posting a question myself, lol!

PLDT Home Ask Diego

Do you have a limitless family-sized connection at home? If the answer is no, it may be time to check out PLDT HOME DSL. πŸ™‚

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PLDT Rio 2 Movie Screening

Thank you PLDT for treating our family to the Rio 2 screening! We had a lot of fun! πŸ˜€

*This post is brought to you by PLDT.

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