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I previously posted about getting a Shopee account and trying to sell some of our things at home in an effort de-clutter. It’s not funny anymore when you can barely walk freely in your bedroom. I ran out of closet space a long time ago and so my stuff are quite literally all over the floor.

Shopee Buy and Sell App

You can see my Shopee store at — or better yet download
the Shopee app
from Google Play or the App Store and search for it by my username animetric.

Shopee Buy and Sell App

I have more stuff uploaded now and I’m continuously adding more! At the moment I have things for women and children, hopefully soon for men too when I go through my hubby’s stash.

Shopee Buy and Sell App

The stuff I posted last time got sold! When
a buyer buys at Shopee,
he/she will
be asked to make the payment through Bank Transfer. Later on, they will also be adding the Credit Card payment option. Shopee
has accounts in three major banks: Metrobank, BDO, and BPI. What happens is, when you choose Bank Transfer, you pay via Shopee’s bank
account and then Shopee will give the seller the go-signal to ship. Shopee will be the one to remit your payment to the seller. All
transactions settled via Bank Transfer are guaranteed by Shopee. Transactions made directly to the seller’s account do
not qualify for the Shopee
and thus, buyers and sellers transact at their own risk.

Shopee Buy and Sell App

Anyhow, I’m about to receive the payment for my first sale at Shopee. Shopee remits when the order has been shipped out and confirmed as received by the buyer.

Shopee Buy and Sell App

I have a few new items posted on Shopee — from my kids this time. I will be posting more things from me, the kids, and hubby in the coming days. We have a lot of brand new as well as pre-loved mint condition stuff that we aren’t really using.

Shopee Buy and Sell App

If this H&M top still fit my daughter I wouldn’t be selling it. She used it only a few times so the condition is like new.

Do sign up for a Shopee account if you haven’t already! It makes buying and selling online really easy, safe, and convenient. I’m excited to go through what I have at home and post. I’ll probably be doing a bit of shopping too since they have some Christmas promos ongoing!

Free Shopee Shopping Discount Voucher

You can also get a P250 discount (with minimum spend of P500) on your
entire purchase on Shopee with my code: ANIMETRIC250. This is valid sitewide (not just for my Shopee account), even for sale items!

To know more about the Shopee, log on to You can also follow Shopee on Facebook and Instagram.

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