Slimming down with Nutrifab Pickled Plum

In this life, I’ve conquered a lot of things. I got over my fear of giving birth and had two children. I leveled up and became useful in the kitchen. I lost 20 lbs to look human again. I learned how to put on makeup so I wouldn’t have to depend on salons every time I have a function. There is however one thing I have a hard time overcoming… and that’s attaining my ideal weight.

NutriFab Pickled PlumIt’s one thing to lose 20 lbs but quite another to reach your ideal weight. That’s where Nutrifab comes in. I was inspired to try out Nutrifab because of fellow blogger Eihdra. I saw her some 2-3 weeks ago and I was SO AMAZED at how much weight she lost. Of course my first question was, what did you do? She told me she took the Nutrifab 10 Day Challenge.

NutriFab Pickled PlumOne sachet of Nutrifab contains a pickled plum infused with Probiotics, Green Tea, PuEr Tea, and Garcina Cambogia. You eat one of these a day and then drink at least 2 glasses of lukewarm water afterwards. The more challenging question is, when do you take it? Nutrifab is best taken 30 minutes before a meal. It aids in digestion and detoxifies your system. Let’s just say you take it before dinner. Expect to go to the bathroom before breakfast. That’s how it works.

NutriFab Pickled PlumTaking Nutrifab is like snacking on a giant prune. It’s reminiscent of champoy but it’s not nearly as sour. It’s not hard to take Nutrifab because it has a pleasant fruity taste and chewy texture. Don’t eat the seed in the center though, lol!

With regards to the effect, it’s not the diarrhea type of bathroom experience. You go relieve yourself as normal once, not multiple times. You don’t pass watery stools either. During the first few times you take it you poop more than normal but after the initial stage, everything’s back to normal. Nutrifab also prevents bloating so one of its positive effects is a flatter tummy.

I’m currently in the middle of the Nutrifab 10 Day Challenge, will update this portion with the results in a few days.

Nutrifab is available for P1,500 per box of 10.

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