My handy dandy Lysol Hand Wipes!

Super late post but I have another staple that I added to my handbag recently. It’s Lysol Hand Wipes. My kids are always asking me for wipes so I make it a point to bring some. I used to grab generic drugstore ones but after having been introduced to Lysol Hand Wipes, I’ve made the switch.

Lysol Hand Wipes

Why? Well for starters a handy pack like this containing 10 wipes costs only P35. In fact, I brought a pack along when we traveled to Singapore last April. I also brought some along on my recent trip to Japan. I love the fresh clean scent and the size of the pack. It’s really easy to bring along wherever I go.

Lysol Hand Wipes
With my friend and fellow blogger Shen from Shen’s Addiction

We were treated to Blue Water Day Spa’s spa theater during the launch. We watched Letters to Juliet while getting a foot spa and a foot massage on a luxurious recliner.

Lysol Hand Wipes
That’s my foot, lol!

Lysol Hand Wipes
Really handy don’t you think?
Lysol Hand Wipes

I love how it doesn’t leave a sticky residue after you wipe your hands with it. Your hands just feel (and smell) clean after use. These wipes get rid of germs too, so you’re disinfecting as you wipe. I actually used these wipes to clean my Melissa shoes.

Lysol Hand Wipes
Thanks Lysol for giving us first dibs on these wipes!

Lysol Hand Wipes are available at leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide for P35 a pack (10 wipes) and P140 a pack (50 wipes).

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