Kwong’s Provisions at Hole in the Wall, Century City Mall

Kwong’s Provisions is my fourth Hole in the Wall feature. So far I’ve done Green Cheese, Scout’s Honor, and Bad Bird. As most of you know by now, Hole in the Wall is an upscale food court located on the 4th floor of Century City Mall. I love how it’s not like the usual mall food court. It’s got this orderly streetside vibe that makes you feel like you’re dining al fresco even if you’re not. It’s reminiscent of the Food Republics in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Kwong's Provisions Hole in the Wall Century City Mall

Anyhow Kwong’s Provisions is the modern day incarnation of the classic Maki Mi and Fresh Lumpia place Ha Yuan. Yes, this is owned and run by the younger generation of the family behind Ha Yuan.

Kwong's Provisions Hole in the Wall Century City Mall

Kwong’s Provisions prides itself for its “Progressive Chinatown Cooking”, meaning, they try to breathe new life in all-time-favorites like Maki Mi, Fresh Lumpia, Cua Pao, etc. You order and pay at their stall where you’re given this buzzer. You can pick up your order when it lights up and buzzes.

Kwong's Provisions Hole in the Wall Century City Mall

After ordering, you find yourself a table. There are a lot. There are even leather couches and a loft-like area where you’ll need to go up some stairs to access. In a way, the dining ambiance you experience is up to you. Street-like? Lounge-like? Bright? Dim? It’s all about location at Hole in the Wall.

Kwong's Provisions Hole in the Wall Century City Mall
Crispy Hong Ba Cua Pao (P170)

I started off my meal with a Crispy Hong Ba Cua Pao. I’m like OMG, almost P200 for a cua pao. And I thought P100 for Ippudo’s Pork Bun was pricey. Sadly I didn’t really feel the crispy part, except maybe for the pickled radish and the toasted mantou? It’s not worth P200 especially considering I can get my favorite Pulled Pork Cua Pao or Classic Cua Pao from Ha Yuan for less than P100.

Kwong's Provisions Hole in the Wall Century City Mall
Amah Kwong’s Lumpia (P130)

Hubby ordered his Ha Yuan favorite, fresh lumpia. Here they call it Amah Kwong’s Lumpia. It’s almost the same as Ha Yuan’s so it was good. They split one big lumpia into two portions. It’s very filling. If I eat one whole order I wouldn’t have space for anything else except dessert and drinks.

Kwong's Provisions Hole in the Wall Century City Mall
Lazy Chili Crab with Mantou (P195)

I like Chili Crab but I’m too lazy to go through the motions of cracking the shell etc etc and so I thought the Lazy Chili Crab with Mantou was perfect for me. The crab meat is already shredded and incorporated into the yummy chili sauce. Not overly spicy, I found the taste just right. Dip the fried mantou and you’re all set. I just wish there was an option for steamed mantou — maybe there is, I didn’t ask. Interesting dish I must say.

Kwong's Provisions Hole in the Wall Century City Mall
Maki Mi+ (P190)

We simply couldn’t pass up the chance to try Kwong’s Provisions’ modified Maki Mi which is called Maki Mi+. I could tell I was going to like it because of all the crunchy fried garlic on top. Classic Maki Mi is simply comprised of noodles, pork, and thick soup. This one has scallions, crunchy fried garlic bits, fried onions, bean sprouts, and parsley. The flavor is definitely stronger and more defined compared to the classic Maki Mi but the soup base, noodles, and pork are almost the same. Old school Ha Yuan fans will probably find the classic version more comforting but this one is worth trying all the same especially if you want to kick up the Maki Mi experience a notch.

Kwong’s Provisions actually has a lot more innovative and modernized Chinese dishes on its menu (Soft-shell Po’boy, Fried Salted Egg Lava Pao, and Bacon Dan Dan Mian just to name a few) that we’d like to try so we will probably back for more. We just couldn’t help but try the Kwong versions of our usual Ha Yuan orders the first time around. Our experience was okay overall, I was just shell-shocked at the almost P200 cua pao hahaha!

Kwong’s Provisions
Hole in the Wall Food Hall
4/F Century City Mall
Kalayaan Ave., Makati City

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