Kumori Japanese Bakery in Manila!

Some time prior to my Japan trip last May, I got to try a few of Kumori Japanese Bakery’s delicious selections. They recently opened here in Manila. In fact when my mom came to visit last March, Kumori’s stall in Landmark Makati was already open and mom queued up to buy their Japanese cheesecakes. She liked them a lot!

Kumori Japanese Bakery Manila
So anyway one sunny day in May I came home to this box.
Kumori Japanese Bakery Manila
Inside were some baked goods.
Kumori Japanese Bakery Manila
Kumori Signature Hanjuku Cheese (P48 per piece)

This is exactly what my mom bought when she was here — box of Kumori Signature Hanjuku Cheese, except that she didn’t get any chocolate ones.

Kumori Japanese Bakery Manila

These babies cost P48 a piece. They’re moist, light, creamy, and fluffy all at the same time — I swear I don’t know how they manage to imbibe all these qualities in a single pastry. The Kumori Signature Hanjuku Cheese just melts in your mouth like nobody’s business. Both the cheese and the chocolate variants are luxurious and velvety without being overly sweet. I’d describe them as creamy, dreamy, and definitely to die for!

Kumori Japanese Bakery Manila
Soft Matcha Bun (left) and Fuwa-Fuwa Cream Bun (right)

The Signature Hanjuku Cheese is soooo good that I was prepared to have an anti-climactic moment when I moved on to the buns, lol. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Kumori Japanese Bakery Manila
Soft Matcha Bun (P48)

Behold, the Soft Matcha Bun is super soft and fluffy it makes mamon seem hard in comparison and we know that’s not the case. Then there’s the matter of the green tea cream filling. There’s the slight bitterness and flavor depth of green tea mixed with the mildly sweetened cream. It’s a perfect combination. The Fuwa Fuwa Cream Bun is a lot similar to this except that it’s filled with creamy custard. It also costs a bit more at P58 per piece. Both are heavenly and would go well with a piping cup of hot tea or coffee.

Kumori Japanese Bakery Manila
Butter Croissant (top) and Salmon Bonito (bottom)

Kumori Japanese Bakery also offers good old-fashioned Butter Croissants (P55 per piece) and Salmon Bonito (P65 per order). The Salmon Bonito is reminiscent of takoyaki because it’s round and covered with bonito flakes. It’s served in pairs on a skewer too.

Kumori Japanese Bakery Manila
Salmon Bonito (P65 per order)

By now my expectations were at an all-time high and so I was a tiny bit disappointed with the Salmon Bonito, mainly because of the filling’s strong fishy smell. Well it’s salmon flakes duhh… but well I’m used to eating salmon without the fishy smell. The bread and the bonito flakes are fine. It’s the filling that I found not-so-great.

Anyhow Kumori Japanese Bakery currently has stalls in 2 locations: LGF Landmark Makati and LGF SM Makati. They’re opening another one at SM North EDSA soon (this September, I think). I do hope they eventually find their way to Greenhills or Robinsons Magnolia because they have so many other offerings I want to try but at the moment their outlets are quite far from where I live and work.

Log on to the Kumori Philippines Facebook Page for more information and updates.

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