Imagine, draw, and win in the Nesfruta Make It Real Na Real Promo!

When I was a little girl, one of my hobbies was drawing. I drew a lot. I liked to color too, using different coloring materials like pastels, colored pencils, and paint. I was however a copycat. I would find things I liked to draw and then copy them. I was good at it too. Somehow, at the back of my mind I’ve always wished I could draw something original… something uniquely mine. I wanted to create my own comic book characters… that kind of thing. But being a copycat always took precedence over my artistic endeavors. I wanted to draw something nice every time and maybe I thought copying something that already looked good was the way to do it.

Nesfruta Make It Real Na Real Promo

I haven’t drawn in years but my daughter has been showing an interest in it. But I see her becoming like me, a copycat. She would find things she likes and copy them on paper or on her tablet.

Nesfruta Make It Real Na Real Promo
Daughter’s rendition of Kyoko, one of the lead characters in Maison Ikkoku.

Like me, my daughter likes to read and has taken an interest in manga (Japanese comics). She once drew Kyoko (see above), one of the popular characters in a manga series entitled Maison Ikkoku on her tablet using her finger, lol.

Nesfruta Make It Real Na Real Promo
Original character sketches by my daughter.

But I want her to become so much more than the copycat I was and so I always encourage her to use her imagination and draw what she wants. I would tell her that the drawings need not be perfect now but in time she will eventually get there. It’s more important to be able to draw on your own not just copy from what others had already imagined before. I think having a rich imagination is important in becoming a well-rounded person because it lets you approach a lot of things differently. You can think out of the box. In the real world, this is how solutions are found and problems are solved.

Nesfruta Make It Real Na Real Promo

Anyhow, when I saw the Nesfruta Make It #RealNaReal Promo being advertised, I immediately thought it was something my daughter would be interested in. She likes drawing and cute characters plus she’s always bugging me to buy her cutesy anime and manga plush toys.

Nesfruta Make It Real Na Real Promo

It goes something likes this — ask your child to draw any character he likes. Take a photo of his/her drawing. Upload the photo via comments or PM at

Five (5) winners will be drawn weekly from Dec. 16 to 24, 2014. The winners’ drawings will be turned into actual toys they can play with! Check out Kendra Kramer’s TVC above to see some samples of kids’ drawings becoming real na real care of Nesfruta! I’m pretty sure your kids would like to see their drawings turn into actual toys too!

Nesfruta Make It Real Na Real Promo

As for my daughter, the copycat strikes again as she drew a Nyan Cat she copied off her tablet. Nyan Cat is a video game character and she says she wants a plush toy of it so it’s what she ended up drawing! I’m going to be submitting her drawing anyway because who knows, she might just get her very own Nyan Cat plush toy. I’ll encourage her to draw something original in the coming days as there’s no limit to the entries you can send in. 😀

For complete contest mechanics and details, log on to

Good luck to all of us and kudos to Nesfruta for coming up with such a unique contest which is sure to challenge and foster our kids’ imaginations! 😀

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