Ha Yuan Greenhills Town Center

Ha Yuan has been a family favorite for a long long time. What they serve is Chinese comfort food. We were so happy when they opened at Greenhills Town Center because it became much more accessible for us from home and work. It’s our go-to place for a quick, fresh, and hot meal. My mom, who’s been based in the US for over twenty years, still hankers for Ha Yuan’s Maki Mi and we make sure to get some whenever she’s here.

Ha Yuan Greenhills Town Center

We’ve been having dinner at Ha Yuan two Sundays in a row. I figured it was high time I finally blogged about this place. It’s such a natural part of our routine that I usually don’t have my camera with me when we go there.

Ha Yuan Greenhills Town Center
Fresh Lumpia (P55 Junior / P75 Regular)

We usually order a regular-sized Fresh Lumpia split into two so we won’t be too full as not to be able to eat other things, I love their Fresh Lumpia. It’s really tasty and just bursting with filling. One whole order is a meal in itself. I have an order all to myself and nothing else when I want to have a light lunch or dinner.

Ha Yuan Greenhills Town Center
Pulled Pork Cua Pao (P85)

My personal favorite is Ha Yuan’s Pulled Pork Cua Pao. I love how it’s filled with lean, juicy, and flavorful shredded pork, lettuce, pickled cucumbers, and sugared peanut bits. Yum! It’s often out of stock during evenings though. I think I can eat two in one sitting but I usually order just one. This is great for merienda.

Ha Yuan Greenhills Town Center
Kiampong (P85)

Kiampong is steamed sticky rice with pork cubes, peanuts, mushrooms, green onions… like the Fresh Lumpia, it’s a meal in itself. Good, but my mother-in-law’s version that’s cooked with scallops trumps this one any day.

Ha Yuan Greenhills Town Center
Maki Mi (P160)

This is the dish that most people go to Ha Yuan for — Maki Mi. It’s basically a noodle soup but the soup is dark brown, thick, and gelatinous. In fact the soup is kind of hard to eat with a spoon as it has a tendency to slide off. The egg noodles are firm and chewy, always cooked perfectly al dente, and one serving has a generous amount of soft breaded pork pieces. This is delicious! Filling too. If I eat one order of Maki Mi, I can’t accommodate anything else.

Ha Yuan Greenhills Town Center
Chicken Mami (P150)

One of the other noodle dishes we always order is the Asado Mami, unfortunately it was out of stock and so we settled for the Chicken Mami instead. I order this (or the Asado Mami) when I just want some clear soup with a subtle flavor. I find it comforting.

I think I’ve tried most of the things in Ha Yuan’s menu, even the Vegetarian Pao that’s made of whole wheat. I just don’t have pics of everything. What I can say is, most of their offerings are worth trying at least once… except the Pork Siomai. I don’t know if we just caught them on a bad day but their Pork Siomai was bad beyond description so we never ordered it again. The place fills up easily so it’s better to go before or after the lunch / dinner crowd sets in. Ha Yuan has a modernized version called Kwong’s Provisions at Hole in the Wall in Century City Mall.

Ha Yuan
Greenhills Town Center,
Granada St., Bgy. Valencia, Quezon City

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